Trends are constantly changing, and trying to keep up with them can cost you a fortune. Not only in money but in time and effort as well. The trouble with following the trends isn’t only that they don’t last.  But that they don’t help you find your style and truly understand what you want out of your home.

Rather than looking to what’s trending, consider what has stood the test of time and what will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re looking to renovate your space for personal or financial reasons, choosing timeless design elements will ensure that your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Repurposed Natural Materials

Natural materials are a design choice that not only will never go out of style but will actually significantly enhance the elegance of any home. Embracing natural materials shows an eye for detail and texture that is worthy of high-level designers. Natural or organic elements are those readily found in nature which can include materials like brick, stone, glass, tiles, wood, cork, bamboo, or natural fibers.

Synthetic materials are manmade and can be found in elements like plastic and resin. When incorporating natural elements into the design of your home, you’ll want to look at wood accents, furniture pieces with cane or rattan detail, accent decor of stone, and fabrics like silk and linen.

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Home Design

Home Design

Natural materials can be repurposed in so many ways that the possibilities of design choices are endless. By using raw materials you can keep costs down and still create show-stopping detail. Accent walls are a high-quality option to incorporate these materials in this exact manner, affordable and unique.

A wood accent wall that has well withstood the test of time is the look of shiplap. Shiplap dates back centuries when wood planks were placed snug together to create siding for boats. As history unfolded, it became part of the framing process when building a home, to smooth out the walls before installing a wall covering over top.

In today’s modern times, incorporating this wood plank design is just an easy DIY project away. Modern shiplap accent walls can be installed by you on any wall of your choosing as the design potential is limitless. It’s a simple way to give your home a classic and clean finish, and its versatility will allow you to easily incorporate it with the decor you already own.

Embellished Wall Molding and Trim

One of the most simple ways to elevate the look of any room in your home is through decorative trim and molding. There are numerous ways to incorporate this detail into any interior design style. First, there’s crown molding, another centuries-old element that draws the eye up helping to make any room feel taller and more polished.

Crown molding sits between the top of your wall and the ceiling while its distinct curved angles allow it to fall in place for a seamless finish.

Regardless of your preference, there are options for everyone, with very ornate style moldings that lend themselves to the traditional design, or a more simple and sleek trim that can complement a modern space.

Whether you’re looking to complement crown molding or spice up a blank wall, there are a plethora of trim work designs that can be added all throughout your home. Some examples of trim work include wainscoting, paneling, picture frame molding, or chair rails. Essentially, this is woodwork that fills out the walls of a space, while it can serve a practical purpose in closing the seams between two areas.

It is also incredibly decorative and immediately enhances any blank wall in a home. Some homes already have custom trim work installed throughout, but if not, it can easily be added in by yourself as an affordable weekend project. Many hardware stores already sell pre-designed trim that only needs to be cut to size and nailed into the wall. With the right paint color and decor, it can work for any room or style in your home.

Home Design

Home Design

A Neutral Earthy Color Palette

Color can be a complete giveaway to a dated design. Neutrals and natural Earth tones make way for timeless elegance and cohesion. And even the most eclectic of styles can work with this palette. Neutral tones have lasting flair not only because of the ways in which they complement multiple decor styles. But also because of what they do to enhance the room itself.

For starters, neutrals help each piece in the room to stand out. The furniture and decor will be at the forefront and not overpowered by the color of the room. Color also has a great effect on our mood and behavior. Neutrals tend to be more calming, comfortable colors, allowing for the creation of a more inviting atmosphere.

Better yet, they’re not distracting or disorienting which is perfect in any space. If you are trying to create a productive home office where your focus is the key to success, or a bedroom perfect for relaxing after a long day, rest assured every room in your home can feel united under one color scheme.

This isn’t to say that there should never be color in your home! Color can create a really fun and lively home. The key is to strive for balance. Subtle pops of color can be much more effective than overwhelming all the walls with one bright one.

Neutrals are a great way to complement these pops and help them to stand out even more. If they were along every single wall.  Rather than choosing deep jewel tones or anything overtly flashy, opt for tones that are more subdued, like pastels. Or, try organic colors that have neutral undertones like a blue-toned gray, for the perfect balance of ideas.

A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are extremely popular in home decor and for very good reason! Gallery walls are well-curated displays of art and photographs that span a large portion of a blank wall. There are so many different layouts that can be done depending on your design preferences.

They’re so much more than just decoration on the wall, what makes gallery walls extra special is the ways in which your personal life can shine through with sentimental pieces that represent your life and family.

Gallery walls can be used in any room in the home with any design style. If you like a more traditional look you may choose ornate and antique frames. If you prefer a more sleek, modern look, you’ll want sharp square frames made from metal, arranged in a structured pattern along the wall.

A tip to make sure the gallery truly fits the room is to use the space to your advantage. If you’re designing for a space with high ceilings, don’t be afraid to take that artwork up higher to draw attention to such a powerful detail. If it’s a long hallway, the artwork can be on display in a straight line down the way to help the space move along and not feel so extended.

Art is an important part of human culture and embracing. That is your home’s design leads to a space that is not only intimate and heartfelt. But one that will tell your story for years to come.

Your home is a long-term investment and the design throughout should represent that. Timeless design works for any particular style, with the benefit of knowing it’s not likely to ever lose its appeal; that it can always serve a meaningful purpose in your home.

As exciting as new trends may be, they are fleeting. And it’s not feasible to have to consistently keep up with them. All it takes is neutral, natural materials.  And an eye for detail and structure, for your home to go down in history as a timeless treasure.