Best Laptops

Laptops are more necessary now, as many colleges implement a mix of in-person and home learning to as part of their retort to the pandemic.  

Here we will update you on some broad guidelines that you should remember while buying laptops for students. Whether the classes are held online or preparing for a project, there is a need for a computer.

Sadly, buying a laptop has become more intricate than it should be, thanks to the many laptop companies that have flooded the market.

Companies like HP, Dell, and Lenovo have brought several different kinds of laptops into the market. Thus selecting the right laptop has become more and more complicated. It’s challenging to suggest outright the laptop one has to go for because each user has diverse requirements.

We can enlighten you with some broad guidelines that you could keep in mind while shopping for laptops for students.

  • At all times, go for a better screen.

Constantly acquire a laptop that gives you the best possible screen within your budget. 

Keep in mind three things: resolution, size and panel type. 

Next, go for a laptop that has a high-resolution screen among all. You can get laptops with full HD screens at around Rs 40,000. Regarding the size, go for a computer with a smaller screen if you want portability. A bigger screen is preferable if you are likely to watch movies. Ideally, your laptop needs to have an in-plane switching (IPS) LED display panel.

Buy a laptop with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, sometimes referred to as a “full HD” solution, makes it easier to read web pages with less scrolling.

Children under 12 will find it easier to handle a model with a compact laptop from 11 to 14-inch display. Get a 17-inch laptop only if it will stay on your desk.

  • Weight does matters

A machine with a screen size of 14 inches is sufficient for a work laptop. But if you are primarily on the move and carry the computer in a backpack, go for a lighter laptop. The weight of the laptop is not of importance if it is predominantly at home. 

  • Go for bigger RAM 

For a direct experience, 8GB will work on photo editing and video; think of procuring a laptop with 16GB RAM. Always consider a computer that has bigger RAM compared to other laptops. 

  • Look for SSD or SSD cache.

Laptops with an SSD or SSD cache, even if 8GB, are fast enough and more receptive. If your budget permits, priorities these laptops, though you may get a hard disk of 500GB.

  • Chromebooks 

Chromebooks are suitable for students, but Windows is good for working people. Laptops that use Google’s Chrome OS are popular with schools because they are easy for children to use and hard to infect viruses. The best Chromebook for value now is the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CAare good for kids, 

  • Battery life 

While selecting a laptop, choose the one with over eight hours of battery life. If you plan to spend time away from your work spot, even if sitting at home, look for a laptop that offers over 8 hours of battery life. 

Some more tips

A bigger and smoother trackpad (also known as a touchpad or glide pad) is better.

A laptop without a DVD drive is acceptable, as a DVD drive is a technology that is dying.

The battery life would be better, if there are more number of cells, although it also depends on  several other components in the laptop.


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