Burgers without tempting custom burger boxes are an unfair combo. It kills the flavorsome vibes of the finger-licking buns. On top of that, no one is in for cold, dry, and bland burgers. It is suicidal for the tastebuds. Therefore top-notch boxes are a must-have!

Are you hunting for a professional custom box manufacturer? Welcome to Urgent Boxes. We specialize in crafting sustainable boxes at the lowest price. Our motto is to deliver top-notch packaging service to food outlets across USA and Canada. Without an exaggeration, we have the magical key to unlock the doors of plummeting sales.

Durable Burger Boxes Wholesale

Imagine the customer ordered the hamburger. And when the box arrives, it is nothing less than a disaster. We mean, it is a joke in the name of the burger box. Instead of tucking inside, the side flaps hang outside, and the hamburger is about to fall off!

Is this what we call packaging? Emphatic NO

Thus the durability feature is a big yes for making high-quality packaging. It holds the item firmly, decreasing the accidental dropping of the burgers, fries, and dip.

For that reason, the top food brands order sturdy burger packaging wholesale again and again.

Visually Appealing Packaging

Apart from the durability, the steamy and smoky images are of paramount importance. Have you ever encountered a burger box with an image of a cupcake? NO. It doesn’t make sense.

Custom boxes must resonate with the packed items. And it should perfectly translate the brand’s ideology. A burger box must look like one to convince the A-list clients to buy. Check the following deets.

  1. Print mouthwatering images
  2. Use of empowering color themes (black, red, white, and orange)
  3. Incorporate engaging taglines to hook the foodies
  4. Mention the brand’s name and burger flavor on the box
  5. In the end, keep tabs on the key points and create jaw-dropping packages.

Eco-Friendly Paper Material

No one wants their food wrapped in a plastic bag:

  • It is a very substandard option.
  • It destroys the unboxing sensation like hell.
  • It causes unimaginable harm to our dear planet.
  • Thus food lovers feel disconnected from unsustainable practices.

Our team at Urgent Boxes crafts boxes with kraft and cardboard material due to endless benefits

  • It reduces the carbon footprint
  • Provides ample storage space
  • Increases the customer base
  • Offers versatile packaging options
  • Boosts the brand’s image
  • Skyrocketing sales graph

What Are The Striking Features Of Savory Burger Boxes Wholesale?

If you run a cafeteria, fancy restaurant, or food street brand, you need burger boxes wholesale. Isn’t it better to stock up the food boxes instead of eagerly waiting for the next shipment? Plus, it is ideal for keeping the brands sane and functional.

The truth is that delayed and damaged shipment is terrible news for the owners. Their food business comes to a standstill point, and the food lovers switch to other outlets. Once the smooth business chain is disrupted, it costs brands hell in the long run.

There is no denying that acquiring new clients is an uphill task requiring extra effort and resources. Don’t you think it is better to focus on customer retention? And our uber talented experts recommend wholesale boxes. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is your savior packaging for the following reasons.

  • It promises smooth, safe, and stress-free shipment from point A to point B.
  • Retailers get lip-smacking custom burger boxes in maximum quantity
  • Fosters a trustworthy relationship with the famous food brands

Get on board with Urgent Boxes and experience tasteful packaging with our spectacular designs.

Why Burger Boxes With Logo Are The Best To Combat The Declining Business Sales?

How do you recognize the top burger brands in the world? Yes, it is through a colorful signature design. Whether it is McDonald’s, Hardees, or shake shack, the consumers instantly relate to the logo. It is not an ordinary thing, but the unique logo changes the brand’s fate to360 degrees.

The above table clearly states that signature design is of utmost importance. One logo and endless benefits, isn’t that amazing?

Hence burger boxes with logos continue to hog the limelight like a pro. Thus it results in plummeting annual sales. Yeah, it is worth the investment. Save your budget and brand with Urgent Boxes.