Hot water service

Installing a hot water service in the house is an important decision to make. The conventional ones, the tankless and the solar water heaters, and even the ones with condensing properties. You can check the overall capacity of the tanks and then buy the hot water for cold regions.

This will help us in making an informed decision and also a cost-effective one. Since in Australian households the hot water systems comprise a major portion of the energy bills, it is necessary to know about the different types of systems and choose the best one suited to your family’s needs. Here is a list of different hot water services available in the market.

Electric Hot Water Service

These were once one of the most popular choices of water heating systems in Australia. However, currently, they are close to obsolete. They work with an element that is inside the storage tank. They are available for use in various sizes and are some of the most affordable options for hot water service. However, they are not the most energy-efficient options.

There are various positive notes to having this type of system installed however they are not beneficial in the long run. The initial cost of setup is low compared to all other options, but the energy consumption is very high which in turn leads to higher energy costs.

Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

Gas Hot Water Service

This is the most affordable option for water heating if you do not have the budget for a solar water heating system.  The gas hot water services are easy to install, maintain and they do not give out any toxic gas or cause breathing problems.  The gas hot water service is also extremely useful for the people who do not have adequate sunlight in their area.

This is why they are some of the most common forms of water heating service used across the continent of Australia. The most energy-efficient option would be using LPG however, it might be slightly costlier than using natural gas. Depending upon the availability of the same household can opt to use the natural gas system instead of the LPG one and enjoy the luxuries of using on-demand hot water services.

Solar Hot Water Service

Given the grave situations of the climate due to global warming, this is the perfect option. The system is powered by the rays of sunlight and is one of the best eco-friendly solutions available. They have a lower running cost in the long run and are very easy to use.

Some states are even eligible for government rebates and incentives for installing energy-efficient hot water services. However, they have a high initial cost. In addition to this, the solar hot water service also requires adequate roof space for them to function efficiently. However, the criterion is that the region should have a very good source of sun’s heat and light.

Hot water service that is drawn on electricity:

This hot water service is similar to an electrical system but instead of having an element inside, they draw heat from the surroundings and therefore require less electricity. However, this might be an obstacle for the households located in the colder regions of Australia and they might have to add a different heat source such as a furnace, electrical resistance, or a boiler.

Hence, these are some of the hot water services available for use. You need to make a choice based on your budget, the size of your household, the region that you live in. And also how much space you can spare for the installation. Before finalizing the service, it is best if you approach a professional for their suggestion and make an informed decision.