Bathroom Safety

Toddlers are curious beings. Hence, don’t be surprised if they explore your bathroom. Instead, focus on bathroom safety.

Given that reason, we should take some steps to make our bathrooms safe for toddlers. With that in mind, we have listed nine ways to make your bathrooms much safer for your toddlers.

Lock the Door

Toddlers are curious about everything. That’s why they sometimes end up in places where they are not supposed to be. This instance is why you should always lock your bathroom doors when in use.

This is because toddlers can open the door by themselves and go inside. Since bathrooms are full of all kinds of dangerous things, it’s imperative to keep them out of there at all costs. In some cases, they may even lock themselves in.

By locking the door before they get in, you’re ensuring bathroom safety and reducing the risks of accidents by a lot.

Keep it Bright

A bright bathroom is a good bathroom safety tip for a reason.

First, it’s because you can quickly see if your toddlers are in the bathroom and what they’re doing there. Thus, you can move fast.

Another reason is that your kids can see where they’re stepping onto and the rest of the bathroom environment. The bright light allows you to correctly see that you’re precisely doing your kids’ bathroom routine.

Keep the Bathroom Floors Dry

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom floors dry is another way to keep the bathroom safe for your toddlers. They prevent slips and associated accidents, and they are easier to clean.

The bathroom floor can get wet when someone showers or baths, which can be dangerous for toddlers and senior family members. At Cleaning Exec Maid Service NYC, we advise our clients to ensure that the bathroom is ventilated to keep the bathroom floors dry. You can use a mop, turn on the exhaust, or use a dehumidifier to do so.

Add Mats, Sleeves, and Bars

Mats, sleeves, and bars are a great addition to ensure bathroom safety for everyone in the house. This includes the kids.

Mats can help make the bathroom floors less slippery. You can even have mats in the bathtub itself, so your child doesn’t slip when they’re inside.

Add protective sleeves for the bathroom fixtures, such as the faucets. That way, the majority of the surfaces in your bathroom won’t be slippery.

You can also add removable bars that your child can grab onto when they’re in the bathroom, especially when in the shower or bathtub area. Plus, since it’s removable, you can easily remove the bar at any time.

Invest in High-Rise Shelves and Cabinets

We often store our chemical-laden cleaning products in the bathroom.

But knowing that you have a curious toddler at home, ensure that they cannot reach your cleaning products. When they’re on the lower levels, or even within arms reach, they might get and play with them and unknowingly put them in their mouths.

That said, install high-rise shelves and cabinets to keep dangerous cleaning products out of reach.

Always Close the Toilet Lid

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety

Another thing that you shouldn’t do would be to keep the toilet lid open. As much as possible, remember to close the toilet lids at all times.

If you leave the toilet lids open, there’s a possibility of your child falling in the toilet if they’re playing around in the bathroom. It can be dirty, but it can also be dangerous, so avoid that by keeping it closed.

Watch Your Child Around the Faucet

The faucet fixtures, especially in the bathtub, are dangerous because your child can fall onto those and hit their head. Aside from adding protective sleeves, don’t forget to keep a close eye on them. Even though the sleeve can reduce the damage, your child can still slip and hurt themselves anyway.

Get a Scald Guard

If you have a type of water heater in your home, then you have to be careful with the hot water flowing into your faucets in the bathroom.

The scald guard is a device designed to protect small children from hot water and other sources of scalding. It’s a proven way to prevent scalds and burns, which can happen when toddlers get too close to the tap or bathtub.

It can help prevent accidents that may cause injury to your child.

Place Electrical Appliances Away From the Water

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety

You must keep electrical appliances away from the water. If you have a phone charger or an electric toothbrush, place them on a dry surface and not near the sink. This way, they will be out of reach for your toddler, and they will not be able to turn them on by themselves.

If you want to keep your child as safe as possible, you should remember to follow these bathroom safety tips on this post. It’s simple to do and helps reduce your worries when a child runs around your house.

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