Today more than ever it feels like the world is literally at your fingertips and you can virtually go anywhere you want without even needing to leave the safety of home.

That’s a good thing right now, while so many of us are still sheltering in place during the pandemic. But while we’re grateful for our virtual portals to the rest of the world right now, we’re definitely dreaming of hitting the road again as soon as it’s safe to do so.

West coast is a place of many wonders and adventures. One can go from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just a few hours. One could visit different cities, such as San Diego, Santa Monica, San Jose or Santa Barbara. They could also have a chance to go on a whale watching tour in the Pacific Ocean or visit the famous Hollywood sign.

There are so many reasons why one should travel the west coast. Here are five that come to mind:

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1) The weather is perfect year-round

The weather is perfect year-round on the west coast. With mild winters and warm summers, it’s easy to get outside and enjoy all types of activities.

The mild climate and beautiful scenery are just a few of the reasons that make this region one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

The West Coast offers many activities that you can enjoy during your stay and many places to explore. The perfect weather also makes it a great place to hike, bike, or enjoy outdoor activities.

2) You can find great food and wine

If you are planning to travel to the West Coast, then you should not miss out on indulging in the food and wine.

The West Coast is a paradise for foodies and wine lovers. In the history of food, California has always been a trendsetter. From its pre-Columbian indigenous cuisine to its contemporary fusion cuisine, it is continuously evolving with time.

The coast is dotted with wineries, from the small, family-owned ones to the massive corporate wineries that are known for their globally-recognized brands. The northern part of California is home to some of the best vineyards and tasting rooms in America. The southern part has a more laid back wine country vibe.

3) The scenery is amazing

The west coast has a lot of natural beauty and some of the most picturesque beaches in the country. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation or want to experience some American culture, this might be the perfect spot for you.

The beauty of these sights is not just the view, but also the experience that you have while you are there.

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4)  It’s an easy trip for business travellers

A popular destination for business travellers looking for a cheap and easy trip, the West Coast offers cheap flights, hotels, and other important resources that make it easily accessible to most people.

It is also a great place to take a business trip because it offers you a lot of opportunities for networking and learning from other people in the industry.

5) There are so many things to do

With such a wide array of things to enjoy on the West Coast, you’ll never find yourself questioning what you can do while visiting. From outdoor activities like a day on the beach or hiking on the trails to shopping or simply dining at a highly rated restaurant, the West Coast truly has something for everyone.

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If you’re looking for the West Coast to be home rather than just a short vacation, search for Oakland houses for sale today to see what the real estate market has to offer you.

6) Different Cultures

Again, there are probably a few specific things you think about when you think about the West Coast.

The West Coast is far from just its most popular city for tourists. With so many different places come multiple cultures to explore and learn more about.

Of course, life is a huge city is going to be extremely different than in one of the West Coast’s smaller areas. The West Coast is extremely diverse, as you can go from Southern California beach towns to cool, wooded areas when you go further up north.

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Whether you’re going to travel all over the West Coast, or you’re planning a trip to one specific area, you’re likely to experience a culture unlike your own.

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