Domestic Terrorism = White Privilege

By Alberto Pupo

Want to overthrow the government? Take the law into your own hands waltz into a Federal facility with no resistance? You can do this, if you are a true red blooded white male. The Oregon siege is currently a very quiet and natural embarrassment as a group of anti-government insurgents have simply taken over a federal facility. Meanwhile the Federal Government sits back because after all “they are just good ole boys never meaning no tumblr_njxngu2HAJ1trs6fyo1_500harm”. By contrast any group of non-white individuals would have been captured branded terrorists and sent to Guantanamo or to make matters easier simply shot on site.  Does white privilege now allow for an individual to commit acts of domestic terrorism without legal consequence? We may have just hit a new low.

Since the beginning of 2016 the Bundy and company have been Continue reading