What Won’t Be Said At The Republican Convention

By Alberto Pupo

The den of thieves prepares to party. Despite the fact that the first day has been canceled,due to the Democrats and their amazing weather machine! The Republican National Convention has arrived! Greeted by the loving arms of mother nature (whom they have a not so close relationship with). The propaganda machine that is the Convention is ready to get underway. In it we will be hearing from such luminaries like future 2016 Presidential Hopeful, Chris Christie, who will entertain the crowd with swashbuckling stories of financial restraint such as going to his kids game in a tax payer paid helicopter! Yes he is is the perfect model for government financial austerity. Then of course we will have Rand Paul give a speech, as the man continues to live off his father’s coattails and into glory (but wait isn’t he a libertarian?) Ah but who cares as long as he gets to speak who needs conviction!The festival of hate is almost set to go and we are all aware of what we will be hearing, but what is it that we the peopleĀ  won’t we be hearing Continue reading