What Economic Recovery?

By: Alberto Pupo

Unemployment drops to 5.9%! Amazingly enough it seems like the economy of our Nation has fully turned around. However despite all of this there is still a general pessimism in American society. President Obama is seen as being the worse president ever by many. There many people who still feel like daily life is a struggle and the situation is dire. What accounts for this numbers disconnect? How is it possible that despite the mathematical evidence of recovery that so many are still feeling pinched? Why do so may economicrecoverypeople despite the economic reports still feel that America is heading down the wrong economic path? Is it a simple mis-perception? Or is there more than meets the eye?


The unemployment rate is pretty low, the stock market is rolling along, while corporate profits are soaring! So why is the economic outlook so bleak for most? The secret is in the wages! While all other aspects of the economy are thriving, those who are helping to fuel the boom are not feeling it in the pocketbook. While landing a job has become an easier thing to do, the wages tied to that job Continue reading

The Grand Corporate Blame Game!

By Alberto Pupo

Point the finger at everyone and anything. Corporate America has a tendency to pass the buck. In the corporate world view, they are always blameless for any of the woes that they create. Corporations never admit when they have wronged us in any way shape or form. So who are ultimately the scapegoats who are the usual suspects for which Corporations place blame on for their failures?

 Government- the hand that feeds, and kills. To a corporation while government subsidizes, it also is an enemy. Taxes, regulations, rules, laws, etc, all inconvenient truths about having to do business in America. Corporate America often likes to blame paltry salaries and expensive goods and services, on government taxation. Even though Finger-pointing-225x300corporations pay next to nothing in taxes. Even though corporations engage in offshore tax avoidance and some even get refunds. Corporate America uses taxation as a smokescreen to justify raising costs and cutting payrolls. Whenever corporations are engaged in price gouging consumers, they simply declare it to be a natural reaction to sill and burdensome regulations like having to protect the environment for example. Corporations feel that even though they make a grand use of the global commons that maintaining them is not really much of their problem., because of this the “big bad guvmint” needs to lay off and let them run wild, otherwise the price of the silly environmental cleanups will have to be foisted upon the consumer.


The Employee- They are the lifeblood that keeps the beast running. If not for people giving up precious hours of their lives and family time for Continue reading

The End of Public Education!

By Alberto Pupo

The public education system is in its dying days. Soon America’s children will no longer have the option of getting a solid public education. Instead education will be handed down to future generations, by Corporations who will promote their agendas and views on society. Education has become all about the money. What was to be a way to make good solid citizens out of America’s youth has just become another function of the all powerful market. The end of Public Education will also see the end of the school teacher, who while underpaid and unappreciated still fights to educate the youth of the Nation. The teacher of the future will have no protection and no Union to back him or her in their struggles against the new boss. Thanks to education reform at the federal level and a complicity by both parties to destroy Unions, the Public Education system as we know it will soon be dismantled and access to education will once again become a class Continue reading

Right to Work in Michigan?


By Alberto Pupo

Michigan has fallen into the cesspool that is Right To Work Legislation. In a move that came as no surprise, Governor Rick Snyder, despite all the protests and inside the Capitol and outside his office. Despite the voices of the people asking for the Governor to do the right thing and Veto this piece of legislation, it went ahead and passed. This is devastating to a state like Michigan home of the auto industry. When it comes to Unions in the private sector most of those who are unionized work for the automakers in Detroit. The implementing of draconian legislation will now ensure that those in Unions in the state of Michigan will now suffer a great cut in wages and benefits as their corporate bosses will now basically be facing a rather toothless Unions rather than the Continue reading

Unions and the Private Sector


By Alberto Pupo

Labor, work, jobs, etc in America being idle is almost a crime. There is a certain Capitalist mystique built around working. Yet for a Nation that prides itself on work and working it is a Nation that has very little respect for those who toil and labor to make a living. This disrespect in particularly is strongly evident in the wonderful efficient world of the private sector. For some reason the private sector has become obsessed with the notion of “Right to Work”. This is the most misleading name for a mindset ever applied. The average American believes that Right to Work is some sort of noble wonderful crusade to be undertaken. More often than not through clever propaganda corporations paint as an easy relationship without that nasty commitment bounding the employee to an employer. The ability to take flight and leave at a moments notice Continue reading

Corporations are Overrated!

By Alberto Pupo

Corporations are overrated. There this needs to be stated. While Corporate America often thumps on its chest as being an engine of economic growth and boon to the Nation, Corporations are in fact not really all they are cracked up to being. Corporations do in fact employ numerous amounts of individuals, providing people with employment. However when one takes a closer look at the Corporation under the microscope it is nothing more than a vehicle to enrich a few chosen individuals on the backs of the labor of others. Corporations more often than not are disorganized and bloated lacking in ethical judgment and lacking any concern for the welfare of those who toil to enrich a few.

Corporate America loves a wage slave. The bottom line for the Corporation is to make a profit at all cost. The Corporation is an entity which tries to create a product or service and ensure that after providing that service that a profit will be made. Naturally the effort is an enormous collaborative effort, as the Continue reading

The Reason We Celebrate Labor Day



By Alberto Pupo

Labor Day, to most Americans is just another day off work. However upon closer inspection this is a holiday which celebrates labor unions in America as the name may not so arcanely suggest. Unions are a much marginalized National treasure. Without Unions or the existence of them , the plan to turn The United States into a society of wage slavery would be into full blown effect. However even with all the historical victories and the advancements that Unions have done for America, the people of the United States are still lukewarm about them. Union membership has been on the decline and they have all but disappeared in the private sector. Unions create an an atmosphere of solidarity and help the members bargain for better wages and benefits. Continue reading