Partisan foes now friends?

By Alberto Pupo

Senator Bob Menendez, a Democratic Senator and on the cusp of being charged with corruption by the Department of Justice. Typically news about the downfall of a political nemesis would be something that the Republicans would be ecstatic and cheering endlessly, while pointing fingers and looking for the freshest of Scarlet letters to pin upon his lapel. Yet something strange is happening in this case, instead of the usual round of bob and marcoattacks, the Republican colleagues are actually setting aside partisanship and coming to the defense of the Senator? Is this some sot of miraculous goodwill? Have they set aside all differences? Or is is it that they simply can take this event and have it seem like the Obama Administration is bearing a grudge? That suddenly because of foreign policy disagreements this is simply Obama administration with a personal axe to grind using the power Continue reading

Ted Loves Joni

By Alberto Pupo

So after the mid-terms there are rumors swirling around Washington about Ted Cruz hotly anticipating the arrival of Joni Ernst. The Tea Party stalwart and resident loony toon is apparently smitten on an ideological level but foes it go beyond that? Well here is a letter ErnstCruzExcited_v1-705x470addressed to Ms. Ernst penned by Cruz congratulating her on victory and more?



Dear Joni,


Congratulations, on making it to Washington! I for one must admit to being a huge fan. Never did I think that another woman can be so beautiful and brilliant. I have followed your campaign with great interest, intrigued by your notion of making Continue reading

A Move to the Center?


By Alberto Pupo

The return of moderate politics? A gooey center moving away from extremism?. The recent elections were said by many pundits to be a referendum on the Tea Party. Ken Cucinelli, narrowly loses Virginia and moderate Christie wins in New Jersey. Has America tired of extremism? The era of compromise making a return? Or is this nothing more than wishful thinking?

The Tea Party Revolt of 2010 has provided us with a new platform for Fascism. Koch driven billionaires aided by the Citizens united decision have been pouring tons of money into electoral contests in a vain attempt to take over the Continue reading

President Ted?


By Alberto Pupo

Ted Cruz running for President in 2016? The very notion of it sounds like an April Fools Joke gone horribly awry. The buzz has been going through the digital world, Political pundits (mainly of the Right-Wing variety) Have been pushing this notion of the Freshman Senator from Texas (and Certified Tea-Party Maniac) to actually throwing down the proverbial gauntlet and entering the battle for the Presidency. This does not sound out of the ordinary after all why would this be buzz worthy just another Tea Maniac trying to get into the White House. However Ted is a different case, see the thing with Ted is that this man who aspires to be President was actually born in Calgary Canada. Now it is a well know fact that Canada is an independent country to the north of Continue reading