A Corporate Spring

By Alberto Pupo

American Spring? A grass -roots movement to fight the tyranny of government? Once again the Tea Party desperate to save and preserve their lie, was trying to get together a mass protest movement in their continued efforts to create a Corporate Spring! The enemy of freedom is obviously government, and the Tea Party is trying to encourage rebellion at any given moment. Yet what is the ultimate agenda of this “freedom loving welfaregroup”. So you take down a government and replace it with what? What is the purpose of this Corporate Spring.

Government is the enemy of the people. This is the message the Tea Party has been touting since a black man took office. During the Bush Continue reading

North Korea and the Tea Party: Birds of a Feather?


By Alberto Pupo

Tea Party and the North Korean Government, two very different types of people? Or birds of a feather lovingly flocking together? The recent remarks from the North Korean  Daily about President Obama sounded terribly familiar. The racist screed when translated to English conjured up images of the Tea Party faithful and comments made at Tea rallies. teapartysign1sm1 Naturally the shared antipathy towards black people also diverges in the antipathy the two feel for each other.  This is just another fine example of horribly ironic life can be and how cognitive dissonance plays a role in our world. Th comments also show once again  the fallacy of pure race theories  and how divisive it is in our world. Continue reading

Yes America, This is an Election Year!


By Alberto Pupo

New Year, same old agenda. With the coming of another year it is obviously clear that the Conservative Agenda does not change. Only a few days into 2014 and the song remains the same, attack workers rights, attack women and minorities, attack health care anything and everything that can benefit the people. The agenda is clear, only the 1% and election2014their agenda matters! 201 is an election year, granted it is a Mid-term Election but once again there is an opportunity to fight back via the ballot box. However unlike the debacle of 2010 the American people need to be savvier and fight back. 2014 cannot be an election year based on low voter turnout because it is that type of mindset that allows more conservative insanity to permeate our politics at a local, state and National level.

The Mid-term election. To most Americans this election year means next to nothing. Continue reading

Inequality in America


By Alberto Pupo

Inequality, a concept which unfortunately describes America today. Racial, gender, income etc. Inequalities seem to dominate most of society. In America 1% of the population is living the high life while the rest struggle to remain afloat (the 99%). When it comes to race an ever growing minority population continues to face voter suppression, income disparity, racial profiling and other such lovely goodies. In our America Men are still paid higher than women despite legislative remedies to stop that from happening. America for all intents and purposes is still a very unequal Nation despite wanting to retain the facade of the land of opportunity. Why does inequality still Continue reading

A Move to the Center?


By Alberto Pupo

The return of moderate politics? A gooey center moving away from extremism?. The recent elections were said by many pundits to be a referendum on the Tea Party. Ken Cucinelli, narrowly loses Virginia and moderate Christie wins in New Jersey. Has America tired of extremism? The era of compromise making a return? Or is this nothing more than wishful thinking?

The Tea Party Revolt of 2010 has provided us with a new platform for Fascism. Koch driven billionaires aided by the Citizens united decision have been pouring tons of money into electoral contests in a vain attempt to take over the Continue reading

The Same Old Song and Dance!

By Alberto Pupo

After the perfect storm that was the government shutdown, now comes the Obama Care war. Controversy has been raging regarding the “failed website” for the Exchanges. The Corporate Media and the Right-Wing have been particularly fixated on the overall  bugginess of the experience. The other reports have been speaking of the cancellations of Health Care Plans by Employers (something which has been happening due to shoddy low quality Coverage being offered by the by some of these employers. The truth of the matter is that the obsessive strike on Obamacare is nothing more than a microcosm, of the overall macro problem , which is nothing more than the Right-Wing assault on Progress, and potentially a step towards Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care, in America the concept itself is a pariah to many. It is considered a Marxist vehicle for absolute control. Universal Health Care is often labeled by the Right Continue reading

The End of a Criminal Action!


By Alberto Pupo

The game of fools is over! The Government Shutdown comes to an end ! The illegal Republican Shutdown, is finally done with and the Government can get back to serving its people as is intended by the Constitution. With the drama temporarily put on hold the Country can hopefully begin to put this shameful episode into the back burner…. Yet should we the people who watched it unfold simply forget? Should we allow the pathetic game of brinkmanships with people’s lives to be played? While workers were furloughed the 27th Amendment protected Congress from being punished for its crime. While workers were not getting paid (or working for no pay). Congressional Tea Baggers continued their odd ideological quest Continue reading

The Tea Party Strikes Back….


By Alberto Pupo


With the IRS “targeting “ of the Tea Party being the hot in thing. There was recently uncovered a letter that was sent to the IRS from a very irate member of the Tea Party who feels he has been wronged by the IRS merely because he is a member of the Tea Party. This individual belongs to a small Tea Party offshoot that was looking to become tax exempt but was turned down as being overtly political. The offshoot is called American Patriots For Liberty and Justice. They feel they should have been tax exempt and their wealthy operatives are pissed. Below is a letter sent to the IRS the words will speak for themselves……



Dear Big Guvment People, Continue reading

Let’s Pity the Tea Party?


By Alberto Pupo

Let us now start the Pity Party for the Tea Party. The current “IRS flap” is a telling example of the Right-Wing Bias in the Corporate Media and double standard in this Nation. President Obama is even on an apology tour in favor of the Tea Party calling the behavior “inexcusable”, Congress is calling for heads to roll at the IRS, while the Corporate Media is stroking the “hurt feelings of the Tea Party”. Yes it seems like the last few days has been nothing more than a little game of purer hypocrisy and confusion to the average American. The Tea Party are being painted as “innocent victims” who are have been targeted by the IRS since 2010 (coincidentally around the time of Citizens United). Meanwhile the average American is channeling some sort of anger, but why are they angry? So what is really the big deal? Should there be an apology? Is the Tea Party truly innocent? Or is this another example of how the Right-Wing gets away with everything. Continue reading

Tea Party vs. GOP Round 1?


By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is the State of the Union Address. President Obama lays out what will be happening for his second term. However this will be but a sideshow to the beginning of a massive Civil War.  In an attempt to upstage the President, GOP luminary, rising star and New Messiah? will be going head to head versus Ayn Rand  thumping, Tea Party Savior in Rand Paul.  Yes the Cuban Jesus versus the Prodigal Son! The two rebuttal speeches will be important not because of its content (which will certainly be lacking), but because it will be the Continue reading