The Supreme Court vs. Congress: Who has Damaged America More?

By Alberto Pupo

Who is the most corrupt? Which branch of government has done the most damage? Yes while the Executive Branch from 2001-2008 was a source of devastation the last 8 years have not necessarily featured the same outright fascist imperialism (despite what some may think). Instead the last 8 years has featured a battle royale between the other two scalesbranches of Government Congress and the Supreme Court. Each of these branches in the last 8 years has brought forth their own little bit of disaster and has negatively impacted American society. So let us take a closer look at who has fucked the people the most!


Congress- Yes ladies and gentleman, these are the people elected to craft our laws! Since the United States is a Nation that is so hellbent on the “rule of law”, the role of Congress is vital to keeping our Country moving forward. Poorly crafted legislation can Continue reading

Corporate Lies!


By Alberto Pupo

The people are weary of Corporate lies. The people are weary of overly privileged (mostly white men) individuals hiding behind the law and committing crimes against humanity, animals, and the environment. Corporations need to be done away with. The whole notion of hiding behind a fictional legal creation with zero accountability is not  ethically and morally wrong. Whatever happened to a person or group of people owning a business but bigstock_fingers_crossed_mono_20810846being held accountable for their practices and impact upon our society? Whatever happened to people being able to identify and build an actual  relationship with those who provide goods or services to them? We must move away from this era of zero accountability and corporate crime and learn how to progress as a people.

Corporations are nothing more than vehicles for crime. Most fraudulent activity is either done by a corporation or someone associated with a corporation.  Corporations have an ill conceived Continue reading

The Decision 2014 Edition


By Alberto Pupo

No this is not about Lebron James….

With their most recent  Decision The Supreme Court once again takes another aim at Democracy.
If you thought Citizens United was bad well the sequel is a hell of a lot worst. This time the fuck-you5 Conservative Bastards in the Court take their shot at all of those making below a billion dollars.
You do not mean anything unless you are wealthy! In fact this little gem came to our attention, it is an original draft of the Majority Opinion as penned by Scalia…. enjoy ladies Continue reading

The Resurgence of Social Conservatism in 2013?


By Alberto Pupo

Social Conservatism seemed to be dying. The United States had embraced Civil Rights, Abortion is legal, Racism seems to be stemming, LGBT individuals were receiving new freedoms, etc.. But somehow as we stand in the middle of 2013 there seems to be a creeping backlash. Apparently the long dormant monster that is social conservatism has been rearing its ugly head in our society as of late. This time around however the beast been given credence and push by Governmental Institutions. Instead of being relegated to sidelines as a concept embraced by only a few individuals who are bitterly clinging g to outdated notions of the world , this new creeping Social Conservatism is getting a seal of approval from different Continue reading

More Supreme Court Treason!


By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court continues to show its disregard for the American people. In between the Decisions about Gay Rights and Voting Rights, the Supreme Court in another wildly partisan 5-4 decision sneaked another whopper past the American people. This time it deals with the health of the Nation. The Robed Traitors once again in the tradition of the Roberts Court side with Corporations over people. In the case of Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. Bartlett, the Roberts Court once again shows just how deep its love for Corporations goes. This time in creating yet another layer of trouble for plaintiffs who are damaged by the side effects of generic drugs (which account for a large portion off “legal drugs used by Americans). Once again somewhere in Texas George W. Bush is smiling as his legacy and gift continue to Continue reading

President Ted?


By Alberto Pupo

Ted Cruz running for President in 2016? The very notion of it sounds like an April Fools Joke gone horribly awry. The buzz has been going through the digital world, Political pundits (mainly of the Right-Wing variety) Have been pushing this notion of the Freshman Senator from Texas (and Certified Tea-Party Maniac) to actually throwing down the proverbial gauntlet and entering the battle for the Presidency. This does not sound out of the ordinary after all why would this be buzz worthy just another Tea Maniac trying to get into the White House. However Ted is a different case, see the thing with Ted is that this man who aspires to be President was actually born in Calgary Canada. Now it is a well know fact that Canada is an independent country to the north of Continue reading

Steal this Election 2012 Edition?


By Alberto Pupo

A weak presidential candidate stumbling towards the finish. A rich boy out of touch and stumbling into gaffe after gaffe. If one closes their eyes it is almost the year 2000 all over again. A Romney defeat is all but certain outcome. However there is one final ace that can be pulled. A little bit of Supreme Court induced magic which can help crown Romney the same way it crowned King George in 2000. The Supreme Court after is nothing more than a Corporate shill giving Romney their seal of approval will be a great boon, not to mention with a potential shifting of the guard a Romney victory will ensure that the Randian crowd continues to get more Chicago School Justices on the Great Bench. The states are already beginning to pave the way with tactics to suppress the vote, and magical purges to weed out the alleged fraud. Is there a Deus Ex Machina waiting in the wings for Romney? Continue reading

Supreme Vanity: A John Roberts Tale

By Alberto Pupo

So the dust clears and after two years o hype, rabid tea party protests, death panels and numerous legal challenges on every different court imaginable the fight came to the big stage and a decision was made. The fate of Obamacare in the hands of a Court that had sold most of its integrity to Corporate America. Then from out of nowhere the unthinkable in the blink of an eye a decision which shocked the Continue reading

Supreme Fascism

By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court strikes again. In a single day the Court has once again showed that it is following an embracing a truly fascist agenda. Two separate decisions were made which had terrible ramifications for the people of the United States. One decision deals with the topic of immigration the other once again deals with a case which would attempt to undo a mistake that made two years ago. However the Court’s true agenda beginning to shine through. The Court has proven to be the Bush legacy which continues to haunt our Nation till this day. In a single day the Court has officially ceased in being a legitimate branch of government and has now become a vehicle to promote a Corporatist Agenda.


Immigration the word conjures bouts of fear in the xenophobic America. The mere thought of A”aliens among us” makes the fascist mind spin into a tizzy, throw the word ”illegal” and you have a full on bout of cardiac arrest. The grand State of Arizona in an attempt to Continue reading