Works Kills!

By Alberto Pupo

Keep working America, Work until you no longer can, neglect your family, children, friends etc. Because after all the only thing that should matter is work. American work ethic involves sacrifice, working should be the central point of life, who needs leisure? Who needs fun? Work 80 hours a week, go home and continue to work, and then work through Signs of working stressevery holiday in almost obsessive fashion. It is good for you it is healthy, and furthermore anything else is simply un-American.


Since childhood Americans are taught that work is the meaning of life. Any in hour and hours of non stop work is a lazy moocher and more importantly a Communist sympathizer. Americans are taught to love and venerate work. Yet this popular myth, is nothing more than that, just a myth. The irony is that the wealthy who extol the virtues of work, are simply trying to make everyone but themselves work. After all historically it is the aristocracy who invented the very idea of leisure. The wealthy of course know this little Continue reading