The True Purpose for Stopping Abortion

By Alberto Pupo

Don’t look now but abortion is back in the spotlight! With the election contest coming around the bend, the social conservative is once again looking to its usual suspect. This time abortion goes mainstream again thanks to Todd“ I know what legitimate rape is” Akin. In an alleged testimonial of ignorance, Akin goes on to say that legitimate rape does not lead to pregnancy. The words terribly unnerving and controversial have once again opened up Pandora’s box of fun. But what is the true deal with abortion? What is it it about this medical procedure that draws the ire of the Right-Wing? At first blush the response may be that they are simply people who are all about the preservation of life. However that in itself is not a valid response as those who revile abortion are also in favor of the death penalty and typically pro-war which completely goes against preserving life. The deal with abortion is one actually that is based on the battle of the sexes. Abortion to the Continue reading