Direct to the Point: The End of Representative Democracy?

By Alberto Pupo

Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Cliff, Sequester…. Congress has stopped representing our interests a long time ago. They only seem interested in lining their own pockets and accepting Corporate Cash. They have a tendency of being alcoholics, drug users, braggarts, liars and cheaters. We the people pay their salary and they constantly do everything in their power to screw us over. Ladies and Gentleman Congress is useless! Representative Democracy came up in a time were it was not feasible in such a large Nation to have people directly voice their opinions. Technology has changed all this, the Digital Commons is a cheaper and more effective way to get our voice out than to rely and give our votes to people who don’t care to carry out their Constitutional duties. I think Continue reading

The State of the Union: A Tale of Two Speeches


By Alberto Pupo

Yes tonight has definitely defined the State of our Union. While one speech dealt with Climate Change, a $9.00 Minimum Wage, Immigration Reform, and Gun Control. Another speech touched upon the finer points in life such as beleaguered rich people, no  taxes, and another rote defense of the “ 2nd Amendment. Today’s State of the Union speeches have shown two clearly different visions of our times. The evening has also clearly shown that not only are there two different visions but there is one path that is completely out of step and out of touch not just with America but with reality in general.

Tonight was a night of ideology. President Obama was but a simple mouthpiece of what could potentially Continue reading