A debate?

By Alberto Pupo

With a measles outbreak raging through 15 states in the United states, some right-wing luminaries have now decided that the time is ripe to attack vaccines? The media naturally in pandering to the lowest common denominator has now started to claim that there is some sort of a debate going? The right-wing politicians are beginning to pander the lowest common denominator by touting that vaccines for routines illness like measles should not be compulsory and creating an atmosphere of choice ( an idea dripping in irony). But for Vaccine-yes_nothose of us who live in reality, is there really a debate?


To debate something would mean that there are competing theories and ideas each holding a valid possibility. A debate would imply that the ideas all have merit and that there is something that needs to be settled. When the media calls the idea of vaccines a debate this is what is being implied. Vaccines are not some flyby night enterprise. Successful vaccines have even eradicated or nearly eradicated certain viruses that plagued society and posed public health issues. For example, measles Continue reading