Holy Hypocrite!

By Alberto Pupo

It is quite sickening, Kim Davis embattled County Clerk, taking a stand against Oppression, emulating the very Jesus she claims to believe in. Her actions are heroic! denying the Civil Rights of  the LGBT community is a sign of a true hero, thee is a place in Heaven right at the side of the Lord. Like Nelson Mandela once did she stews  in a jail cell Davis.Kim_because she fought for what was right the right to oppress.

The Supreme Court only a few months ago settle the score on marriage equality. Because it is the highest court in the land their decision cannot be easily ignored especially those who are part of the Court System. Kim Davis is no hero, she is a hypocrite who broke the law, hiding behind white privilege in a highly conservative state, hiding behind the mask of Christianity a very common hiding place for those of criminal intent who love to Continue reading

The Deal With Ethics

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By Alberto Pupo

Ethics? In our society it seems that this is nothing more than a Utopian fantasy discussed by do gooders. Conservatives in our Nation love to trumpet the fact that we are a Nation of Laws. Sadly that is where the buck stops at “law” unfortunately we are not a Nation of ethics. To the average individual law and ethics are inseparable after all common sense dictates that what is legal is ethical, and what is ethical is legal. However while the premise is couched in common sense, American society as it stands especially the conservative world view takes this dose of common sense and turns it on its head. In the Conservative world view what matters is the law, whether the law itself is ethical or not.. well that is a different story altogether and part of the reason why American society many times find it failing its people.

Ethics is a defined as “a system of Continue reading