The Corporate Bully Pulpit


By Alberto Pupo

The trend is spreading like wildfire. CEO’s have been using the bully pulpit to threaten their employees into voting for Romney. These CEO’s who are making and living a much better life than their employees who are responsible for helping them live a lavish lifestyle are basically tying to use threats to skew the vote towards Romney. The employees of these companies more often than not are highly overworked and abused employees who are simply trying to get by. Their world view and interests in no way are aligned with those of Romney. Yet these CEOS know that because Romney truly only has a small group of wealthy supporters who want him in the presidency are now resorting to underhanded tactics in order to muster up more support for one of the worse candidates to ever run for the Presidency

Florida is an important and wild swing state. A state with a checkered past when it comes to elections, a Governor who purchased the Governorship despite past criminal behavior. A state which has a large independent and extremely apolitical group of people. Orlando Continue reading

Protesting Romney: A Battle Against the 1%



By Alberto Pupo

Under a scorching summer sun, a typical blistering Miami Summer’s day. In a part of town where its residents are of relatively low income brackets. Mitt Romney came riding on his chariot to grace the people with his presence The Bain Man himself came ready and we the people were there to greet them to make sure that he gets to hear what we have to say. Mitt Romney needs to be held accountable for all his actions ranging from his lack of paying taxes, getting money from Right Wing Death Squads and of course illicit campaign donations from foreign individuals abroad. Mitt Romney has done the improbable become a candidate that actually tops George W. Bush when it comes to imitating Mussolini. This time we the people would stand and make our voices heard, we the people fought against a man who is the embodiment of the 1%.

The crowds gathered and the tensions boiled outside the Continue reading

The Robber Baron and The Idiot

By Alberto Pupo

“Eight Years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful”

-George W Bush 2012

The above quote pretty much sums it all up. George W. Bush the worse President we ever had, our very own village idiot looks back in a recent interview. The man who brought you the The Patriot Act, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, the Katrina blunders, the Tax Cuts from hell, Torture and yes everyone’s favorite TARP; the fascist who masqueraded as the plain spoken village idiot is a phenomenon that we were never to see again in American politics. But something strange is happening. As we move towards elections in 2012 we the people are discovering something a little more frightening. It seems that our current Republican Candidate may actually prove to be more of a pariah than George W. Bush. This very statement may shock and confuse many but a Romney Administration may Continue reading