An Evil Agenda

By Alberto Pupo


Just in time for the Holidays, with threats of another Shutdown, the Conservative Agenda is moving forth spewing its hated and greed. After a Government Shutdown the most unproductive Congress ever is now actually talking of once again potentially illegally shutting down government services. Once again the threats of constant shutdown are nothing more than an attempt to wreck governing function in order to better serve the Corporate Agenda.


2013 is the year of the Shutdown. Once again through another budget battle there is a possibility that Continue reading

“The Return of Terror?”


By Alberto Pupo

The Boston Manhunt is over. The suspects have been revealed one dead, the other captured.The two men responsible for the bombings have been brought to Justice. All around the Country Right-wing White Supremacists breathing a sigh of relief as the men responsible were “Evil Muslims” from some place they can’t even name. Once again Right-wing Propagandists like Fox News have been salivating at the fact that two foreigners have attacked us again. Before the suspects were even caught Corporate Media has been steadily trying to bring back the whole “AL Queda evil Muslims meme.” So desperately have they wanted to radicalized the two individuals responsible for the bombing. What is the agenda this time? To keep this War on Terror going? To make more money for the military industrial complex? Or is to justify Drone Warfare and the potential assassination of US Citizens going rogue?

They were legally American. The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Tamerlane Tsarnaev 26, and (now deceased) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Continue reading