A Corporate Spring

By Alberto Pupo

American Spring? A grass -roots movement to fight the tyranny of government? Once again the Tea Party desperate to save and preserve their lie, was trying to get together a mass protest movement in their continued efforts to create a Corporate Spring! The enemy of freedom is obviously government, and the Tea Party is trying to encourage rebellion at any given moment. Yet what is the ultimate agenda of this “freedom loving welfaregroup”. So you take down a government and replace it with what? What is the purpose of this Corporate Spring.

Government is the enemy of the people. This is the message the Tea Party has been touting since a black man took office. During the Bush Continue reading

A War on Christmas? LMAO!


By Alberto Pupo

The Holidays are here!   So begins the heathen “War on Christmas”. This is the time of year where Conservatives around the Nation cry, “foul” over the attack on “the birth of Christ”. It is the time of year where true history becomes an afterthought and instead a strange tale of victimization and persecution? fills the Right- Wing Corporate Media and Blog- sphere. The sound bites come fast and furious, speaking a tale of woe about how “little baby Jesus “ has been cast aside in favor of the ever “Satanic greeting” of Happy Holidays. The laughable thing is that there is no war. There has never been a war on Christianity on this Nation.  Because even with the vast diversity of beliefs and unbelief in Continue reading

What is the Purpose of Government?


By Alberto Pupo

What is the purpose of Government? Is government to be “small and limited”? Is our government suppose to be a monolith providing a wealth of services for the people of this Nation? Americans have a love hate relationship with government. More often than not the core debate is how we the people are to govern and be governed in return. The social contract between the people and government is more or less established by the Constitution but the way governing works more often than not deviates from the ideal. So what should government do? Is it it even possible that it is helpful? Should it be discarded?

The idea of limited government is venerated by the Right. But what do they actually mean by limited government? The Right’s idea is to make government and oppressive police form which control the social behavior of its citizens, watches for violence, protects corporate interests and has us taking adventures in Imperialism. Government more often than not in Continue reading