What do I stand for?

By Alberto Pupo

“ What do I stand for?” most Nights I don’t know anymore?” A lyric from popular song but aptly describes Conservative ideology and outlook. What exactly does it mean to be a Conservative? What exactly is one trying to conserve? They claim to be holding to “tradition”, “family values”,”God” etc. they are inspired by a mix of faith and patriotism that gopbeliefsyields an ugly sound and fury. But when they look in a mirror what exactly do Conservatives stand for?


Tradition, what tradition does a conservative embrace. A tradition of White Protestant Males wielding power? A tradition were the black man is in chains, women are subjugated, and the Natives of the land are being herded into reservations? Do we strive to uphold special traditions like hate speech and having the ability to speak whatever comes to mind about any race, gender, sex, etc. Because of course the truth of the matter is that it would not be free speech if it is not demeaning or hateful. To a conservative right to openly hate anyone that is slightly different is part of the overall Continue reading

Partisan foes now friends?

By Alberto Pupo

Senator Bob Menendez, a Democratic Senator and on the cusp of being charged with corruption by the Department of Justice. Typically news about the downfall of a political nemesis would be something that the Republicans would be ecstatic and cheering endlessly, while pointing fingers and looking for the freshest of Scarlet letters to pin upon his lapel. Yet something strange is happening in this case, instead of the usual round of bob and marcoattacks, the Republican colleagues are actually setting aside partisanship and coming to the defense of the Senator? Is this some sot of miraculous goodwill? Have they set aside all differences? Or is is it that they simply can take this event and have it seem like the Obama Administration is bearing a grudge? That suddenly because of foreign policy disagreements this is simply Obama administration with a personal axe to grind using the power Continue reading

Where did all the Bipartisanship go?

By Alberto Pupo

Where is the bipartisanship? The spirit of reaching across the aisle and working together? Political Commentators and journalists are always wistfully asking these questions waxing poetic about this mythical time. There seems to be a pattern among the mainstream or “political center” that there is no cooperation among the parties and that we bipartisanshipas a people are terribly divided. What is the cause for this division? What is the esoteric key? The answer is actually quite mind numbingly simple, it is all about the power.


Let’s face it Conservatives live for power. It is interesting to see the mood change in the conservative movement the moment that the President was no longer one of them. Suddenly gone is the hurray Nationalism and pride that permeated throughout the Bush administration. Suddenly media outlets and conservative commentators and politicians find themselves on the outside looking in.


Conservatives quite frankly have a Continue reading

Healthcare for None?

By Alberto Pupo

Four years old and the war still continues. Obamacare, the root of all evil. Obamacare, that which leaves millions of Americans restless at night with promise of health insurance. The ever present mandate is coming for us all (not just yet for Big Business). Meanwhile House Republicans have attempted a whopping 50 times to Repeal the law! Now they no_healthcare_plan_buttons-r8902f2ae79174a12b10e3d212fc26e58_x7j18_8byvr_512have even put together a plan to try and replace the health care law with. What is it about this law that makes it so scary? Why is the Right so entrenched on making this an election year issue (every single time)? What is it that scares them? Is this a fear of a slippery slope towards a true Single Payer plan? Is it all the taxes on medical devices and tanning beds? Or is it the idea of change itself?



The Affordable Health Care Act has been law since 2010. In the Republican world view it Continue reading

Democrats to become the New Conservatives?


By Alberto Pupo

Conservatism in America is dying. With 2016 approaching the Republican Tea Party conglomerate better known as the WTF Party, are once again proving that they are out of touch with most of reality. CPAC, the annual gathering of Conservative ideal, values and hypocrisy, was further proof that this movement is going the way of the Whigs. With Sarah I am a Media Whore Palin giving a rousing Keynote speech it felt like a nail in the Paradigm-Shiftcoffin for Conservatism in America. What will happen in 2014 and 2016? Will we see one Party continually dominate the political landscape? Will the Modern Day Conservative Movement throw the White flag? Will Sarah Palin ever go away?


Republicans are wondering why they can’t win an election. Then CPAC just happened and all their questions have Continue reading

The GOP Plan for 2016?



The following letter was communications intercepted from one Republican Strategist to the RNC about ways to get the GOP rolling again, will these strategies be implemented in 2016? It remains to be seen………

Dear, Mr. Preibus,

We need a plan. After the 2012 elections it is quite obviously that the country is not as white as it used to be. Unfortunately this is what the mixing of the races has done! Thankfully though we have an edge we have a few Hispanics who believe in the conservative claptrap, all we have to do is push Rubio and Cruz just a little, until we can gain some Continue reading

The Job Creation Myth

By Alberto Pupo

Two years ago all we the people heard about was job creation. Prior to the 2010 Mid-Term elections the country was flooded by deluge of ads touting the virtues of job creation. Republican candidates made everything about the economy stupid (James Carville was wincing somewhere). The message seem clear and concise the so called socialists in power did not care about putting people to work and were instead to busy with health care. Americans bought this message (mainly due to a very low voter turnout) and thus the Tea Party tsunami was complete! After much self congratulatory banter and gloating they got to work.. or did they? Fast forward two years later months away from yet another election. The record speaks for itself what happened to the job creators? Where is the marvelous promise of an economic boom that the PAC created ads promised us incessantly. In fact the only attempt at a bill to create Jobs came from the Administration and that law has been stalled for two years. Instead we have gotten more attempt at social control and an unhealthy obsession with debt and the lust for austerity. Continue reading