The End of the Line for the GOP?

By Alberto Pupo

The wheels are coming off the Republican Machine. After a sounding beating at the polls, the party seems to be in a state of disarray. Their methods and demographics are being questioned, former power brokers are losing influence in political discourse, Members of the Tea Party Revolution are finding themselves embattled with the Establishment etc. In other words things look really heinous. With the current happenings and trajectory there is a good chance that the Grand Old Party’s hubris may ultimately lead to a split. The Tea Wing and the somewhat moderate win are one’s another’s throats and with the so called Fiscal Cliff negotiations approaching it looks like the disarray has gotten even worse.

The Republicans have learned that white, bitter, old men, do not make for a modern party. The reliance on the “Dont Thread on Me Curmudgeon” have become a thing of the past. In an election that had Romney get a majority of the white and very male vote and still lose by quite a bit is indicative of the white man’s influence. While still a majority and more affluent than most they do not Continue reading