The First Debate: “Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing”



By Alberto Pupo

“Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing!” The first presidential debate has come and gone. We the people of America has learned that Mitt Romney is indeed nothing more than a living corporation. An empty vapid facade full of prepackaged ad like and quite frankly bold face lying slogans. The pundits of course have chosen to cream their pants over Romney! Even those in MSNBC who would typically skewer Romney on his lies are praising Mitt for his bullying of a moderator and Clint Eastwood esque performance, of the angry White Man screaming at a chair, only this time the screaming is directed at you America. So with this a synopsis of the first debate and a deconstruction of the new myth that Romney is the winner.

The President seemed bored, the policy and substance the contrast was there. Romney on the other hand seemed like a cracked out junkie Continue reading