Time for a Change

By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is MLK day, a Federal Holiday and a celebrations of a civil rights icon. Yet in 2015, as we are about to engage in this celebration there still people in parts of the Nation (typically but not always of the southern persuasion) who revel in the use of the N word and still wax poetic about the majesty of the “boys in gray”, and something rising. Yes in 2015, there are still people who act as if the year is 1815, and there are still whispers of the “negro problem”. However many suggest this is not the case and that we live in a “post modern America” they constantly point toward the fact that we have a “black president”, yet even with all that being taken into account there is still amazing amounts of disgustingly vile racism even the “black president” is not spared of this venom. So as we mlk_day_mediumprepare to celebrate another MLK day we should really evaluate the philosophy of the man and see what we as Americans can do to live up to the creed of not judging based on the color of their skin.


Racism, is a disgusting viewpoint of those with an authoritarian bent. In the deep south this mindset continues to flourish, despite the fact that our society should have progressed. The virulent racism permeates throughout much of the Tea Party, sadly this is the year 2015, and this racism is still present in our society. In 2015 there is still talk of a Congressman which has ties to Continue reading

North Korea and the Tea Party: Birds of a Feather?


By Alberto Pupo

Tea Party and the North Korean Government, two very different types of people? Or birds of a feather lovingly flocking together? The recent remarks from the North Korean  Daily about President Obama sounded terribly familiar. The racist screed when translated to English conjured up images of the Tea Party faithful and comments made at Tea rallies. teapartysign1sm1 Naturally the shared antipathy towards black people also diverges in the antipathy the two feel for each other.  This is just another fine example of horribly ironic life can be and how cognitive dissonance plays a role in our world. Th comments also show once again  the fallacy of pure race theories  and how divisive it is in our world. Continue reading

Affirming Racism

By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court has affirmed Racism. 2014 this is our Post Racial America, The Nation’s High Court decides to take a look into a case involving Affirmative Action. For the last two decades there has been an assault of Affirmative Action which has pretty much weakened the entire notion. At first blush many will agree to end Affirmative Action. The 0917-affirmative-action-protest_full_600Supreme Court tries to justify their decision in that by going against “Affirmative Action it will help avoid race resentment. This line of thinking and rationale is quite interesting. The Supreme Court especially in its current incarnation has been working hard to erode laws and measures that were used to protect minorities. Prior to this Affirmative Action case the Supreme Court allowed it so that Continue reading

The Resurgence of Social Conservatism in 2013?


By Alberto Pupo

Social Conservatism seemed to be dying. The United States had embraced Civil Rights, Abortion is legal, Racism seems to be stemming, LGBT individuals were receiving new freedoms, etc.. But somehow as we stand in the middle of 2013 there seems to be a creeping backlash. Apparently the long dormant monster that is social conservatism has been rearing its ugly head in our society as of late. This time around however the beast been given credence and push by Governmental Institutions. Instead of being relegated to sidelines as a concept embraced by only a few individuals who are bitterly clinging g to outdated notions of the world , this new creeping Social Conservatism is getting a seal of approval from different Continue reading

Racist Florida Does it Again!

By Alberto Pupo

Ladies and Gentleman the Verdict has been officially announced in the Trayvon Martin, Case and a Jury has acquitted George Zimmerman! Yes Zimmerman walks. A man who followed, chased and harassed a young 17 year old unarmed Black Teenager. A man who in a gutless, act of of cowardice takes a gun out and takes a life with so much potential and promise. A man who hides behind Conservative Alec backed legislation, in one of the most racist cities in the very racist state of Florida. Yes ladies and gentleman an all WHITE Jury does what is expected, these so called “mothers” have freed a man who took the life of a child and took pleasure in it why? Because this young man was Black! Post Racial America you say? Voting Rights struck down because the Supreme Court claims the end of racism? Apparently the State of Florida never received the Memo! Continue reading

The Real Traitors!



By Alberto Pupo

The last few weeks the words treason, and traitor have been thrown about with wild abandon about Edward Snowden. Meanwhile all attention has been focused (obsessively) on Snowden, true traitors have been working on ways to betray the people of this Nation in a way that has real world implications on the future of the Democratic Process in our Nation. Today these traitors who have already worked so hard against the people, once again took another potshot and once again have betrayed the people of this Nation. Yes these traitors we speak of are the United States Supreme Court Members who today voted to knock down with of the cornerstones of what was achieved during the Civil Rights movement, by striking down a provision of The Voting Rights Act of Continue reading



By Alberto Pupo

Pure Desperation, this is what describes the mindset of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Yes the actions are reprehensible, yes he has murdered and taken human life and nobody can simply absolve him for these killings. But what we as a people need to examine is What lead this young man to take such actions? What pushed him over the edge?  Mr. Dorner in a lengthy attempt to explain his actions does point to corruption and racism in the LAPD. Mr. Dorner once again is another sad case of a human being frustrated by the breakdown in justice which happens much too often in our society. A society which only brings forth justice to the mostly white and always rich and powerful.

Dorner’s manifesto breaking down the Continue reading

In Pursuit of the Dream

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By Alberto Pupo

This Monday we once again celebrate the Memory of Martin Luther King. A man who had a dream and vision for our Nation. His vision was not just for a society based on tolerance and respect regardless of race but he was also a believer in the plight of the poor and taking care of those who are financially lacking. Yet as we prepare to celebrate on Monday we have to come to the sad realization that the very dream and vision Dr. King had is still being pursued till this day…….

A progressive vision of our future. A path so that we may all live in happiness.We the people had a Dream that we wish to pursue, a dream that till this day is awaiting fulfillment.  But yet despite the advance and progress in society. Continue reading

Here We Go Again…. Racist Florida Redux


By Alberto Pupo

Florida does it again! After the slaying last year of Trayvon Martin in a terribly and openly racist incident, a copy cat is on the prowl. Jordan Russell Davis, a young 17 year old black high school student killed because of loud music? This time a 45 year old white male named Michael Dunn instigated a fight and fired 8 to 9 times against an unarmed teenager an argument over “ loud music”. Naturally the shooter as embraced Florida’s beautiful Disaster the Kill at Will legislation known as Stand Your Ground (where apparently being black is enough to get you killed). Once again the state of Florida is thrust into the spotlight on an another blatant racial incident, involving guns Continue reading

“The Racism Stupid”

By Alberto Pupo

Yes in Carville-like fashion the simple slogan behind the 2012 election. Talking about race brings great discomfort to Americans, even more than discussing abortion or religion (believe it or not). The Nation as a whole likes to paint itself as tolerant and democracy loving (for the most part), however racial issues are often danced around tiptoed or flat out ignored at times. However in assessing the major issue four the last four years that the Right has with Obama is that he is drumroll.. part black! Otherwise how else can one explain a rather moderate president being painted as the Second Coming of Karl Marx!

Prior to Barack Obama’s election in 2008, to his Inauguration in 20009 something unexpected happened in America. Racism which had evaporated somewhat (unless you were Muslim), Continue reading