What is behind the “Trump Surge”?

By Alberto Pupo

Trump leads the polls! Trump continues to gain a following! The Donald Trump lead and surge is indicative of a couple of realities when it comes to the current state of the GOP. The first reality is that it shows that Americans will do whatever it takes to move away from a politician. The second reality is that the GOP is a party that is truly on its deathbed as it cannot unite under any sort of leadership. These two realities are part of the New America where being a politician is a liability and where it might be necessary to establish I-Hate-Politicsanother major party.


Politics, the word itself creates instant nausea among the average America. It conjures images of wealthy, well groomed liars making elaborate promises that they never keep. Our Nation has had a long falling out with politics and every new generation politicians become more reviled. Instead heroes and idols are sought in different industries and fields, Movies, sports, music, business, science our society looks to certain individuals from each of these fields in hopes of some sot of guidance in hope of “straight talk”. Trump is a man whose political ideology is ever changing with the wind. A narcissistic individual whose basis for policy ideas is to rely on his “gut” rather than any coherent sort of philosophy. This speaks to the average American who lacks any Continue reading

The Politics of Irony

By Alberto Pupo

Irony! That is the current state of politics today.  The Department of Homeland Security, Bush’s pet project, the ship that launched a thousand wars, is being denied funding by Congressional Republicans. Has the world gone mad? Have the hawks simply embraced irony alerttheir more dovish side? How can a Department which did not exist until the beginning of the Bush monarchy, suddenly be denied funding? Have they seen the error of their ways? Do they want to make amends to the American people can give away with a department that for more than a decade dedicated itself to internal suppression and destruction of American Civil liberties?  The answer to all these burning questions is unfortunately a little more mundane.

Homeland Security was brought into Continue reading

The Grand Corporate Blame Game!

By Alberto Pupo

Point the finger at everyone and anything. Corporate America has a tendency to pass the buck. In the corporate world view, they are always blameless for any of the woes that they create. Corporations never admit when they have wronged us in any way shape or form. So who are ultimately the scapegoats who are the usual suspects for which Corporations place blame on for their failures?

 Government- the hand that feeds, and kills. To a corporation while government subsidizes, it also is an enemy. Taxes, regulations, rules, laws, etc, all inconvenient truths about having to do business in America. Corporate America often likes to blame paltry salaries and expensive goods and services, on government taxation. Even though Finger-pointing-225x300corporations pay next to nothing in taxes. Even though corporations engage in offshore tax avoidance and some even get refunds. Corporate America uses taxation as a smokescreen to justify raising costs and cutting payrolls. Whenever corporations are engaged in price gouging consumers, they simply declare it to be a natural reaction to sill and burdensome regulations like having to protect the environment for example. Corporations feel that even though they make a grand use of the global commons that maintaining them is not really much of their problem., because of this the “big bad guvmint” needs to lay off and let them run wild, otherwise the price of the silly environmental cleanups will have to be foisted upon the consumer.


The Employee- They are the lifeblood that keeps the beast running. If not for people giving up precious hours of their lives and family time for Continue reading

Sex in Politics?

By Alberto Pupo

Sex! Sex sells and most of America is buying. Whether to revel in its glory and pleasure or to cast out the sin in the name of God, sex is often a hot topic in our society. Politics to many Americans is a tedious bore, but go into detail about the tawdry affairs of your local Congressman, and there is a collective licking of the chops at the thoughts of the seamy Sex-Scandaldetails. How torrid was the affair? Who wore whose knickers? What is it a same sex affair? Did it involve a porcupine? The sad reality is that even the most apolitical suddenly become interested in the world of politics when there is some sort of sex involved


President Obama is a bore to many. Continue reading

Corporate Lies!


By Alberto Pupo

The people are weary of Corporate lies. The people are weary of overly privileged (mostly white men) individuals hiding behind the law and committing crimes against humanity, animals, and the environment. Corporations need to be done away with. The whole notion of hiding behind a fictional legal creation with zero accountability is not  ethically and morally wrong. Whatever happened to a person or group of people owning a business but bigstock_fingers_crossed_mono_20810846being held accountable for their practices and impact upon our society? Whatever happened to people being able to identify and build an actual  relationship with those who provide goods or services to them? We must move away from this era of zero accountability and corporate crime and learn how to progress as a people.

Corporations are nothing more than vehicles for crime. Most fraudulent activity is either done by a corporation or someone associated with a corporation.  Corporations have an ill conceived Continue reading

Everything is Awesome?

By Alberto Pupo

“Everything is awesome”. The catchy tune fills the ears of children and adults alike taking them into a a whole new level of sensory overload. The eyes and ears are treated to a visual feast and whimsical nostalgia for the yesteryear as childhood icons for millennial parents come to life in sarcastic grandeur. The Lego movie is indeed a visual everythingisawesome-legomovie-lonelyisland-teganandsara-585x327feat for all ages, but taking a deeper look into the candy coated frenzy one will find that there is more than meets the eye. We are presented with philosophical and ideological questions that run deep beneath the surface and highlights what is wrong not just with American society but the whole Capitalist Global Movement. Continue reading

Things to be Thankful for 2013 Edition

By Alberto Pupo

With Thanksgiving a few days away. We the people of this Nation can reflect and think about what we can be thankful for in the political world. Yes 2013 has been a rough year in American politic. It has been a year of many negative events taking place and also a non-election year so the attention spans in the political world was waning for most Americans.

But let us see what we can be thankful for in 2013….

The NSA has its Come Uppance- Privacy made a comeback in 2013. Edward Snowden’s spying revelations made many American’s realize that the NSA is completely out of control and need to be clamped on. They have also realize that we cannot afford to keep losing our privacy in this Nation. Continue reading

The Robber Baron and The Idiot

By Alberto Pupo

“Eight Years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful”

-George W Bush 2012

The above quote pretty much sums it all up. George W. Bush the worse President we ever had, our very own village idiot looks back in a recent interview. The man who brought you the The Patriot Act, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, the Katrina blunders, the Tax Cuts from hell, Torture and yes everyone’s favorite TARP; the fascist who masqueraded as the plain spoken village idiot is a phenomenon that we were never to see again in American politics. But something strange is happening. As we move towards elections in 2012 we the people are discovering something a little more frightening. It seems that our current Republican Candidate may actually prove to be more of a pariah than George W. Bush. This very statement may shock and confuse many but a Romney Administration may Continue reading