Time to Move on


By Alberto Pupo

So here we go again 11 years later, after the day that Liberty died. September 11th the mere mention of the date is enough to drive any American into a momentary lapse of sadness. Many innocent people lost their lives on that day to satiate the blood lust of an unelected President. Then after that more people lost their lives to satiate the blood lust of an unelected President. The ramifications of this date are still being felt today ( hello surveillance state). Yet despite the fact that the enemy has been tamed, (and the war in Afghanistan still unfolding). The 9/11 meme seems to live on forever. 11 years later the United States the most powerful Country in the world despite its many flaws, is still brooding over this one date that effectively changed the course of history. Many of us are still asking ourselves when will we completely move on?

9/11 is still the grand daddy of all tragedies in contemporary American history. This day introduced us to an America that thrives on Continue reading