Healthcare for None?

By Alberto Pupo

Four years old and the war still continues. Obamacare, the root of all evil. Obamacare, that which leaves millions of Americans restless at night with promise of health insurance. The ever present mandate is coming for us all (not just yet for Big Business). Meanwhile House Republicans have attempted a whopping 50 times to Repeal the law! Now they no_healthcare_plan_buttons-r8902f2ae79174a12b10e3d212fc26e58_x7j18_8byvr_512have even put together a plan to try and replace the health care law with. What is it about this law that makes it so scary? Why is the Right so entrenched on making this an election year issue (every single time)? What is it that scares them? Is this a fear of a slippery slope towards a true Single Payer plan? Is it all the taxes on medical devices and tanning beds? Or is it the idea of change itself?



The Affordable Health Care Act has been law since 2010. In the Republican world view it Continue reading

Practice what you Preach?


By Alberto Pupo

Practice What you Preach! This is a principle that should be the cornerstone for most of humanity especially elected leaders. As one grows in life and acquires ideology it becomes incumbent upon the individual to try to follow the same path that they preach to most of society. However this cognitive dissonance is something incredibly evident among Conservatives. This sort of mindset betrays the notion that they simply parrot words but are exempt from the path they are trying to preach and while this is constant it has become evident with some recent actions from a certain Floridian Junior Senator and 2016 aspirant Marco Rubio?

Better known as the “gulp seen around the world” Florida Senator Marco Rubio has often been touted as the “anti white remedy” to the Continue reading

The Same Old Song and Dance!

By Alberto Pupo

After the perfect storm that was the government shutdown, now comes the Obama Care war. Controversy has been raging regarding the “failed website” for the Exchanges. The Corporate Media and the Right-Wing have been particularly fixated on the overall  bugginess of the experience. The other reports have been speaking of the cancellations of Health Care Plans by Employers (something which has been happening due to shoddy low quality Coverage being offered by the by some of these employers. The truth of the matter is that the obsessive strike on Obamacare is nothing more than a microcosm, of the overall macro problem , which is nothing more than the Right-Wing assault on Progress, and potentially a step towards Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care, in America the concept itself is a pariah to many. It is considered a Marxist vehicle for absolute control. Universal Health Care is often labeled by the Right Continue reading

The GOP Plan for 2016?



The following letter was communications intercepted from one Republican Strategist to the RNC about ways to get the GOP rolling again, will these strategies be implemented in 2016? It remains to be seen………

Dear, Mr. Preibus,

We need a plan. After the 2012 elections it is quite obviously that the country is not as white as it used to be. Unfortunately this is what the mixing of the races has done! Thankfully though we have an edge we have a few Hispanics who believe in the conservative claptrap, all we have to do is push Rubio and Cruz just a little, until we can gain some Continue reading

The Coming Storm?


By Alberto Pupo

Obamacare is coming soon! Despite talks of delays and what not the most vile law to ever walk the Earth will be implemented in 2014. Beware as very soon we will have government mandates to purchase insurance. The IRS will be knocking on your door setting penalties and fines if you choose to remain uninsured. Then of course all business and corporations will immediately close doors causing a black hole in our economy and the world to cease existing. Hyperbolic predictions notwithstanding the moment has arrived and what will ultimately change, but is Obamacare really an answer to our health care quandary or is something more powerful needed like Universal Health Care.

The law promises universal Continue reading