The Tea Party Strikes Back….


By Alberto Pupo


With the IRS “targeting “ of the Tea Party being the hot in thing. There was recently uncovered a letter that was sent to the IRS from a very irate member of the Tea Party who feels he has been wronged by the IRS merely because he is a member of the Tea Party. This individual belongs to a small Tea Party offshoot that was looking to become tax exempt but was turned down as being overtly political. The offshoot is called American Patriots For Liberty and Justice. They feel they should have been tax exempt and their wealthy operatives are pissed. Below is a letter sent to the IRS the words will speak for themselves……



Dear Big Guvment People, Continue reading

Let’s Pity the Tea Party?


By Alberto Pupo

Let us now start the Pity Party for the Tea Party. The current “IRS flap” is a telling example of the Right-Wing Bias in the Corporate Media and double standard in this Nation. President Obama is even on an apology tour in favor of the Tea Party calling the behavior “inexcusable”, Congress is calling for heads to roll at the IRS, while the Corporate Media is stroking the “hurt feelings of the Tea Party”. Yes it seems like the last few days has been nothing more than a little game of purer hypocrisy and confusion to the average American. The Tea Party are being painted as “innocent victims” who are have been targeted by the IRS since 2010 (coincidentally around the time of Citizens United). Meanwhile the average American is channeling some sort of anger, but why are they angry? So what is really the big deal? Should there be an apology? Is the Tea Party truly innocent? Or is this another example of how the Right-Wing gets away with everything. Continue reading