Simply the Truth

By Alana Dougall

Screw this nonsense of “Bernie is not a democrat.” Bullshit. Yes, he’s been an independent most of his political career, but he’s voted the majority of the time the exact same as democrats in Congress, and no one complained about him being an independent then. The math has nothing to do with not acknowledging the DNC rules. I’ve been registered democrat since I was old enough to to vote, and voted for Obama the first time. 5064313I know what the rules are. This isn’t about the rules, this is about blatant cheating with the allusion of choice. Math doesn’t lie.

Secondly, Clinton changes her opinion on everything when ever it is politically expedient for her to do so. She’s been on the wrong side of history more times than she’s been on the right one whether that’s our involvement in Iraq, Iran, Libya, she supported her husband’s decision to repeal Glass-Steagall (which directly contributed to the 2008 housing crisis), she voted for the Panama Pact that allowed for offshore tax havens for American companies to avoid paying taxes, she was in favor of NAFTA which caused the Continue reading