Corporations Are Not People!

By Alberto Pupo

Corporations are not People!

Corporations do not starve, and Corporations do not bleed.Corporations were

created with one goal in mind and that is simply to deceive.Corporations control I_refuse_to_believe_corporations_are_people

the fabric of our lives they control our senses. To break the grip of the Corporate

world all we need is believe.. That humanity can overcome base emotions and social greed.

Greed is part of the problem in our society. The wealthy attain their wealth by hook or by crook and instead of allowing others to achieve what they have achieved they work their entire lives in making sure the Continue reading

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand up!


By Alberto Pupo

Just days after lying through a debate Mitt Romney has been reborn! Suddenly the old Mitt has vanished replaced by as the Corporate Media calls it a Kinder Gentler Mitt. As the elections are almost upon us the script has flipped and the flop has been quite unnerving. Mitt Romney has been reborn and re-casted a new man. The man he has been campaigning as for the last 18 months died a painful and violent death in Denver that night, out of its shell emerges the new Romney. But is this the real Romney? Has there always been a decent human being waiting to break the chains? or is Mitt Romney in the midst of one of the most cynical ploys ever done in election history?

Mitt Romney has started an extreme makeover. Gone is the cold hearted tax dodging, outsourcing job killing Continue reading

Mr. Self Destruct



By Alberto Pupo

The Romney Campaign is quickly crumbling. What many thought would be a horse race to the finish has been folding up rather quickly. Poll after poll declaring Romney behind in many states, including by double digits in some key states like Ohio. Where did it go wrong for Romney? While Romney has constantly made questionable statements through the course of the entire campaign including the primaries. It has been recent actions and revelations that have truly removed the curtain and exposed a frail and weak man cowering behind it.

Mitt Romney’s “off the cuff” commentary during a fund raiser in May was the beginning of the end. True he never expected for the random videotaping in violating his privacy. But that is what makes the event all the more disturbing. The now infamous 47% video is Romney in his most natural state. Haughty, arrogant, resentful and most importantly the truth about how he feels about most Americans. Continue reading

Mitt Unscripted


By Alberto Pupo

So the political world is buzzing as Romney shocks with his “off the cuff” remarks about Americans and dependency on government. Romney’s words during a fund raiser in front of his hedge fund buddies has once again delivered what is a potential final bow to a campaign that has “gone off the rails of a crazy train”. However Romney’s moment of truth is not the first time Romney sticks his foot in his mouth in front of a crowd of boosters. Besides this secret tape there has been a whole host of archives that came into my possession from a mysterious source. A list of different quotes that not even the Corporate Media has gotten their hands on. These are some other example of Mitt Continue reading

The End of Corporate Ethics: A Mitt Romney story

By Alberto Pupo

Bain lies and stealth tax returns. This sums up the last two weeks of Corporate Mitt’s campaign to become CEO in Chief. Revelation after revelation showing a few ethical slightly illegal actions on behalf of Mr. Romney. According to Mitt it seems that his exit from Bain is nebulous and ever changing a date which the SEC is showing otherwise as to tenure. In the realms of taxes Mr. Romney refuses to release any tax forms which will most likely show the inadequate amount of taxes collected on a millionaire and go to further show his slick moves into offshore bank accounts which will create quite the stir. Yes it has been an interesting ride for Mitt Romney. Yet Romney is but a microcosm of a more serious lapse. A lapse which has eaten away at our economic security for over thirty years and counting. Corporate Ethics or lack thereof has been a large part for bringing much disaster and pain to our Nation. Continue reading