Mitch McConnell Vs. The World!


By Alberto Pupo

Mitch McConnell and his staff are breathing a sigh of relief! Ashley Judd is not running against him. Now Mitch can slowly and quietly move forward till reelection. However the problems for Mitch have just begun. Recently it has been exposed that in potential ethics violation McConnell has used legislative aids for purposes of campaign research to attack Mrs. Judd. This is a violation of ethics as the Senate handbook does not allow for such misadventures while on taxpayer time. Yet along with Mrs. Judd it seems like Mr. McConnell’s acolytes have been working on even more research on prospective opponents. A new memo was found about different prospective opponents and some preliminary Intel collected by Mr. McConnell’s merry crew…

Dear Mr. McConnell.

We have been working hard here to make sure you keep your job. Cletus and I have been hard at work search the Internet and trying to find dirt on those who oppose you or potentially will. The Continue reading