Predictions in the Political Landscape for 2013!


By Alberto Pupo

Now that 2012 has come and gone and we have luckily survived all the apocalypses.. except of course for the so call “fiscal cliff” stay tuned. We can now look into 2013 and see what the year in politics may bring. With the use of crystal ball handed from generation to generation the state of politics in 2013 will reveal itself. Here are some predictions at what may 2013 bring when it comes to the realm of politics…


A dramatic return of Occupy Wall St.- Yes the movement has not vanished. Yes it has done a lot of Continue reading

Things to be Thankful For in 2012


By Alberto Pupo

Yes the time of year is upon us, where most of us reflect upon the past year and thinks deeply upon things that we can be thankful for. Naturally this deals mainly with things that we can be thankful for in the realms of politics in the year 2012. True 2012 was a very slow year in American politics as far as developments because after all it it was an election and in America that means that governing stops for the entire year until the campaign plays itself out. Alas without further delay in no particular order of importance or significance here are some happenings and events we can all be thankful for.

Romney Lost- Yes a man that ran a Continue reading