Corporate Lies!


By Alberto Pupo

The people are weary of Corporate lies. The people are weary of overly privileged (mostly white men) individuals hiding behind the law and committing crimes against humanity, animals, and the environment. Corporations need to be done away with. The whole notion of hiding behind a fictional legal creation with zero accountability is not  ethically and morally wrong. Whatever happened to a person or group of people owning a business but bigstock_fingers_crossed_mono_20810846being held accountable for their practices and impact upon our society? Whatever happened to people being able to identify and build an actual  relationship with those who provide goods or services to them? We must move away from this era of zero accountability and corporate crime and learn how to progress as a people.

Corporations are nothing more than vehicles for crime. Most fraudulent activity is either done by a corporation or someone associated with a corporation.  Corporations have an ill conceived Continue reading

Practice what you Preach?


By Alberto Pupo

Practice What you Preach! This is a principle that should be the cornerstone for most of humanity especially elected leaders. As one grows in life and acquires ideology it becomes incumbent upon the individual to try to follow the same path that they preach to most of society. However this cognitive dissonance is something incredibly evident among Conservatives. This sort of mindset betrays the notion that they simply parrot words but are exempt from the path they are trying to preach and while this is constant it has become evident with some recent actions from a certain Floridian Junior Senator and 2016 aspirant Marco Rubio?

Better known as the “gulp seen around the world” Florida Senator Marco Rubio has often been touted as the “anti white remedy” to the Continue reading

He Said What?


By Alberto Pupo

Conservative Politicians say things that flat out contradict reason. Many time the sound bites which come out of the mouths of highly educated and wealthy white men, makes one wonder about the nature of the commentary. Are Conservatives truly out of touch and ignorant about policy and governance? Are the ridiculous things being spouted out of sheer stupidity? Or some form of mental issue? Or is there something more sinister and Machiavellian at play? Is it possible that the words spouted by Conservative Politicians to their Tea Party followers are done with a specific purpose? Does Tea Party Leadership simply play stupid?

Conservative Politicians can drop the occasional whopper! For example Senator Jim Inhofe was said to have been on the radio stating how Obamacare would have prevented him from getting a life saving Continue reading

Welcome to Reality!


By Alberto Pupo

Reality, is it an objective world full of provable measurable facts or are we all living a string of subjective moments and interpretation. Can the sky be any color we wish? Can we create and dub individuals to be different than what they really are? This election season we have seen a new disease which seems to have stricken America a complete disconnect from reality. Politicians claiming to be slinging facts when in fact it is a gross distortion of the observable world. Why is that we as a society have seemingly lost all grips of the facts? Is it simply media distortion? Have we really lost a grip on reality? Or is it a measure of cynicism and a Machiavellian attempt to control people via the creation of their own reality? Continue reading