By Leane Pupo

Wired. We are all wired. We are so tapped into the grid that we often find it hard to escape. We have become one with our laptops, tables, smartphones, ipods, or ianythings, that we may not know how to function without them. Are we really becoming part Hand Hold Power Plugmachine? Are we turning into androids?

I often wonder about this zombie movie and game craze, then I look over at the teenager with the glued on headphones in the corner and the blank glazed over eyeballs and think, “Ah, right. We live in a media zombie land”.

Now, do not get me wrong. I love all my high-tech gear. I have a tablet, a labtop, a desktop, a smartphone, ipod… you get it. However, I cannot help but think we can often lose touch with reality and simpler things… like a face-to-face conversation. Y’know, REAL face-time. Continue reading