What is the Purpose of Government?


By Alberto Pupo

What is the purpose of Government? Is government to be “small and limited”? Is our government suppose to be a monolith providing a wealth of services for the people of this Nation? Americans have a love hate relationship with government. More often than not the core debate is how we the people are to govern and be governed in return. The social contract between the people and government is more or less established by the Constitution but the way governing works more often than not deviates from the ideal. So what should government do? Is it it even possible that it is helpful? Should it be discarded?

The idea of limited government is venerated by the Right. But what do they actually mean by limited government? The Right’s idea is to make government and oppressive police form which control the social behavior of its citizens, watches for violence, protects corporate interests and has us taking adventures in Imperialism. Government more often than not in Continue reading

Complete Failure



By Alberto Pupo

Ten years ago since Shock and Awe. Ten years ago Millions of Americans watched apathetically as it was bombs over Baghdad. The Corporate Media was having a field day, the mass firepower raining down on an “evil dictator” brought a smile to the face of those with a penchant for blood. Two years had passed as the fog of 9/11 was lifting somewhat but American circa 2003 where a very frightened people. Saddam Hussein was being touted as Bin Ladin’s bosom body,the average America thought Iraq was a country on the verge of declaring Jihad on America. In retrospect the whole Continue reading