David & Gillian Kiss on Stage; Mulder & Scully Return; What You Must Know Before the X-Files Reboot!

By: Leane Pupo 

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

I can’t take it anymore. I am an extreme X-Files fan. The show is brilliant and the actors are amazing. There is no greater pair than Mulder and Scully. However, the serious internet explosion, comments, and questions have lead me to write this.

First of all, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are not Mulder and Scully. Everyone that is trolling them and wanting them to hook up should understand this. Do I feel they have a very interesting bond? Yeah. Has it matured over the years? Sure. Do I think they may hook up? Why not. The point is, they are not fictional characters but real people. What they do on their own time is very different than what is written for them. Just like their personalities. Sorry if I burst some bubbles. The rumors that they “hate” each other in “real-life” are also false. They have an email relationship and see each other during events a couple times a year. Both these statement came from the actors!

With the newest chapter on the horizon, The X-Files Reboot due to air January 24th, 2016, there has already been much hype. Add the fact that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson kissed (twice) during an encore at his show in the Cutting Room (NYC) on Tuesday (5-12-2015), a gig to promote his debut album “Hell or High water,” and fandom is squealing everywhere. Continue reading