The Coming Storm?


By Alberto Pupo

Obamacare is coming soon! Despite talks of delays and what not the most vile law to ever walk the Earth will be implemented in 2014. Beware as very soon we will have government mandates to purchase insurance. The IRS will be knocking on your door setting penalties and fines if you choose to remain uninsured. Then of course all business and corporations will immediately close doors causing a black hole in our economy and the world to cease existing. Hyperbolic predictions notwithstanding the moment has arrived and what will ultimately change, but is Obamacare really an answer to our health care quandary or is something more powerful needed like Universal Health Care.

The law promises universal Continue reading

Supreme Vanity: A John Roberts Tale

By Alberto Pupo

So the dust clears and after two years o hype, rabid tea party protests, death panels and numerous legal challenges on every different court imaginable the fight came to the big stage and a decision was made. The fate of Obamacare in the hands of a Court that had sold most of its integrity to Corporate America. Then from out of nowhere the unthinkable in the blink of an eye a decision which shocked the Continue reading