Welcome 2015…

By Alberto Pupo

2015 is here what lies in store in our political world? Very soon Republicans will control both chambers of congress. Very soon reactionary forces will hold our legislative fates in their hands. The year is 2015, but the mentality of those who govern is very much yearning for 1815. Conservatism, what exactly is it that they want to conserve? Is it hatred of all minorities and women? Is it hatred for the poor and middle class? The future 2015is here and what does 2015 have in store for America?


Gridlock, obfuscation, sound and fury signifying nothing. If the previous Congress was a legislative stalemate, the new one will feature a complete legislative stalemate. Prepare for a year of insane bills to be proposed most likely featuring some sort of social cultural oppression, or Corporate economic subsidy. Prepare for a Congress who Continue reading

Arrest The Tea Party!


By Alberto Pupo

Arrest The Tea Party! Since their emergence on the scene the modus operandi has been clear. Destroy the Government at all costs! This movement is the reason that the Nation’s Government has been shutdown for 11 days and counting! They are the reason why Government has fallen into a ridiculous deadlock and Congress has been absolutely putrid. The Tea Party has been the destruction rational governance. This Movement of Anti Intellectualism bankrolled by Shadowy Billionaires simply smacks of Nazi Germany. The Tea Party is a threat to our Nation, the Tea Party is a threat to Democracy and something needs to be done before the damage that they cause is irreparable…

Since the Tea Party tsunami of 2010 (full of incoherent slogans and lots of Neo Patriotic Continue reading