An Evil Agenda

By Alberto Pupo


Just in time for the Holidays, with threats of another Shutdown, the Conservative Agenda is moving forth spewing its hated and greed. After a Government Shutdown the most unproductive Congress ever is now actually talking of once again potentially illegally shutting down government services. Once again the threats of constant shutdown are nothing more than an attempt to wreck governing function in order to better serve the Corporate Agenda.


2013 is the year of the Shutdown. Once again through another budget battle there is a possibility that Continue reading

The End of a Criminal Action!


By Alberto Pupo

The game of fools is over! The Government Shutdown comes to an end ! The illegal Republican Shutdown, is finally done with and the Government can get back to serving its people as is intended by the Constitution. With the drama temporarily put on hold the Country can hopefully begin to put this shameful episode into the back burner…. Yet should we the people who watched it unfold simply forget? Should we allow the pathetic game of brinkmanships with people’s lives to be played? While workers were furloughed the 27th Amendment protected Congress from being punished for its crime. While workers were not getting paid (or working for no pay). Congressional Tea Baggers continued their odd ideological quest Continue reading

Arrest The Tea Party!


By Alberto Pupo

Arrest The Tea Party! Since their emergence on the scene the modus operandi has been clear. Destroy the Government at all costs! This movement is the reason that the Nation’s Government has been shutdown for 11 days and counting! They are the reason why Government has fallen into a ridiculous deadlock and Congress has been absolutely putrid. The Tea Party has been the destruction rational governance. This Movement of Anti Intellectualism bankrolled by Shadowy Billionaires simply smacks of Nazi Germany. The Tea Party is a threat to our Nation, the Tea Party is a threat to Democracy and something needs to be done before the damage that they cause is irreparable…

Since the Tea Party tsunami of 2010 (full of incoherent slogans and lots of Neo Patriotic Continue reading

The Human Factor


By Alberto Pupo

Who cares about people? In all reality when it comes to the Republican led Government Shutdown the last thing anyone talks about are the people. The way it looks right now over 800,000 employees have been furloughed for over a week now. These are individuals who have families, kids, and bills to pay. These are people who rely on a paycheck like any other individual who works in the private sector. Yet it is a rarity to hear any mention of the human factor and how the Government Shutdown is ruining the lives of people who like anyone else are simply trying to get by and make it. The truth of the matter is that the Republican Congress does not care about the people caught in the middle of their petulant Ayn Randish type of game.

This furlough is hurting people. Yes 800,000 is not just an inconsequential number, it actually symbolizes 800,000 people with families and mouths to feed, who are not being paid simply because a small minority within the Republican Party is Continue reading

The Illegal Republican Government Shutdown!


By Alberto Pupo

Yes the Republicans have illegally shutdown the Government and now heading towards a second day! The statement while seemingly unfair, or partisan on the surface , is not hyperbole but a matter of truth. While the Media will sanitize this and mention it as “deadlock” the truth is that the Republican Party unilaterally decided to not pass a Budget in an attempt to stymie a law which is three years old, sanctioned by a Conservative Supreme Court and most importantly a few months away from implementation. In a final desperate Gambit, The Tea Party has taken us to the first Shutdown in 17 years, all because something as simple as Budget would not be passed. The actions taken by the Republican Party are tantamount to High Treason as they are openly attempting to Continue reading

Is Representative Democracy Dying?


By Alberto Pupo

Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate Floor. At the very moment that Ted Cruz continued to read the Seuss classic, Representative Democracy started to further head that downward spiral. A false filibuster, which prevented no piece of legislation from going up to vote, but what conveniently labeled a filibuster by a man who wants to be President in 2016! (even though he is a Canadian Citizen!). America the joke is on you! This is a low point in Representative Democracy! Our so called Representatives have gone rogue! The will of the people is not being done, instead these clowns work for the enrichment of the 1% and Corporate Power.

A Budget, this is what is currently placing a stall in Congress. Once again the word Continue reading