Our Bugs Are Bugged: The Most Interesting Mosquito in The World

Incredible Technology and the U.S. Government Funding the Creation of MAV Insects

By: Leane Pupo

Bugged Bug?

My Nerd Brain is tingling. I was causally surfing the net and stumbled upon a mosquito. I looked at the photo because as much as I hate mosquitoes and the welts they leave on my, apparently, delicious flesh, they do look pretty cool. However, I immediately noticed this mosquito was very different. This mosquito was a robot.

Apparently, this is not new news, but it does not seem to have had a very large effect. I would think that people would be more curious about tiny tech. While micro, nano, or just plain small, technology of this kind is amazing. It is incredible to think that there are scientists out there studying how bugs fly and how to make computer chips and full-functioning robots fit on a penny. And while my science geek mind is incredibly aroused, the rest of me begins to tremble at the possible implications. Continue reading