The Ghost of George W. Bush

By Alberto Pupo

Jeb Bush, has still not declared his candidacy however the sins of his brother may become a liability for his political run. Recently the Ghost of Bush past is haunting Jeb in two embarrassing events that will hurt. In one Jeb Bush in a misguided attempt to show brotherly affection openly states that like his bother he would have also thrown our Nation into a useless and expensive war. Shortly after making such a bold declarative statement tumblr_njt6wgbJHu1rhkttmo1_500he realizes that he made a mistake and tries to play it off with the ever popular “I misheard”. Jeb Bush knows that he has made a major misstep as the whole point of his campaign is to be the “other Bush” a compassionate moderate with no Neocon ambition, but this misstep would not be the end of his recent brushes with public embarrass


Jeb Bush knows that gaining the support of younger voters is important, however in an America were younger voters are ultimately more politically progressive, she confronts good ol Jeb and states that his brother George w. Bush created ISIS. While this may seem like the words of an uninformed youngster who does not understand the political nuances and complex foreign policy, however the misinformed youngster was not far form the truth. ISIS, is essentially an Continue reading

Complete Failure



By Alberto Pupo

Ten years ago since Shock and Awe. Ten years ago Millions of Americans watched apathetically as it was bombs over Baghdad. The Corporate Media was having a field day, the mass firepower raining down on an “evil dictator” brought a smile to the face of those with a penchant for blood. Two years had passed as the fog of 9/11 was lifting somewhat but American circa 2003 where a very frightened people. Saddam Hussein was being touted as Bin Ladin’s bosom body,the average America thought Iraq was a country on the verge of declaring Jihad on America. In retrospect the whole Continue reading