A Real American Hero!


By Alberto Pupo

What is true Patriotism? What does it mean to really love America? Is it to wave a flag like a drone without asking questions? Does it come down to supporting the troops, America right or wrong? Does it mean giving up all Civil Liberties in the name of National Security? Going along with Drones and targeting killing? The meaning of Patriotism often gets lost in a cacophony of sound bites. The meaning of Patriotism is not often clear and is quite obscure. The very definition of Patriotism is not often clear and muddied about in a muck. What does it mean to be a Patriot?

Bradley Manning, 25 years old, imprisoned for what has been almost three years, mistreated and abused, in a Nation that he was at one point so proud to serve. Bradley Manning is a true Patriot. While mired in the middle of war and conflict Continue reading

Top Secret Obsession

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By Alberto Pupo

American leadership loves secrecy! There is no doubt about. Any time there is mention of government transparency (an oxymoron), one can only wonder why they even bother with such a ruse. Government has always been in love with classifications and deeming things top secret. Clandestine actions are carried out every day in the name of “National Security”. As Fox Mulder of X-Files fame would say “the truth is out there” except the American people according to their government have absolutely no right to know. But why all the secrecy? Why the lack of transparency with the people? Democracy is about openness right? Does our leadership feel a public rejection of what is truly a dirty covert agenda? Continue reading