X-Philers v. Corporate Greed?

By Leane Pupo

Twenty years ago, the Enigmatic Dr. Scully wandered into the office of one Spooky Mulder. Interestingly, even after these twenty years, ten of which have marked the end of one of the most profoundly creative television series of all time, people still speak of the duo. New fans sprout all over the world as the young X-Philers grew up to breed little uber x-philers of their own. The last time I saw that was with the other infamous red-head and dark-haired couple, Lucy and Ricky. But what is the big deal? And why had this made it to the Blog of Progress? Could it be talk of conspiracies? Well, yes, but not the one you may have heard. This has more to do with questions of corporate greed.

Twentieth Century Fox has been avoiding a new X-Files 3 movie. According to many, the second X-Files movie I Continue reading