Fooled Again: An American Tale!



By Alberto Pupo

We the people have been fooled. The average American has been snookered, bamboozled, etc. The average American has become complacent with the way American society has turned out. Time and time again we are fooled by Public officials, Corporate Bosses, Lying Clergy and pf course The Corporate Media who spins the daily sound bite. A Nation which was created from Revolution finds itself in stagnation. A Nation which has a proud heritage of independence and finds itself dulled and sheep like in behavior. We the people have fallen and been lulled to sleep. The citizenry is ill informed and pop culture obsessed. The American dream has become the vehicle of a chosen few, who fancy themselves to be the elite of the elite; while the rest of us live in a culture where the modus operandi of the day is it is what is? What has made us so complacent? Where is the spirit and fire of our ancestors? Can we ever regain that fire and collective passion or has it died a violent death at the hands of sheer laziness. Continue reading