Racist Florida Does it Again!

By Alberto Pupo

Ladies and Gentleman the Verdict has been officially announced in the Trayvon Martin, Case and a Jury has acquitted George Zimmerman! Yes Zimmerman walks. A man who followed, chased and harassed a young 17 year old unarmed Black Teenager. A man who in a gutless, act of of cowardice takes a gun out and takes a life with so much potential and promise. A man who hides behind Conservative Alec backed legislation, in one of the most racist cities in the very racist state of Florida. Yes ladies and gentleman an all WHITE Jury does what is expected, these so called “mothers” have freed a man who took the life of a child and took pleasure in it why? Because this young man was Black! Post Racial America you say? Voting Rights struck down because the Supreme Court claims the end of racism? Apparently the State of Florida never received the Memo! Continue reading