Deus Ex Machina!


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By Alberto Pupo

The fiscal cliff deal occurs in a deus ex machina fashion. “And the Peasants Rejoice!” While everyone was ringing in the New Year in Washington “100 so called Representatives of the people” were deciding what to do about the “fiscal cliff” and in the end a bargain was struck. However all happy notions of the rich not taking much of a hit and the”precious military” protected for at least another two months aside, the troubling issue that nobody seems to be talking about is that is this last minute bargain, corporate media alarming, style of politics going to be the future of leadership in America? Are the people going to be constantly subjected to manipulative deals with everything hanging in the balance ? Is this the sort of leadership we want for our Nation?

With the “new deal” (a pale version of Continue reading

Cats and the Fiscal Cliff!


By Tom Cat

When the Blog of Progress asked me to report on politics, I for sure thought they were nuts! After all lest they forget I am a cat. Typically my species is highly valued on the net, and apparently we are photogenic. So Now I have to let the world what I think about this whole political crap when I rather be napping. To me its a bunch of noise. All I keep hearing is something about a cliff, and how we are going over this cliff. As a solution some dude named Boner or something thinks that we should shred safety nets, and throw Grandma under a bus. To be honest with you it sounds like a load of crap. Continue reading

Grover Goes Over the Cliff


By Alberto Pupo

With the so called talks about the fiscal cliff heating up and the Washington crowd wheeling and dealing before the new year arrives, it seems that a new development has slowly arisen. The end of Super Grover might be near! Grover Norquist a name who prior to the election was not being brought up too much a sort of forgotten man if you will now seems to be publicly losing his battle to reign in politicos. A man who could make or break the political career of a conservative politician is now watching his power vanish. Like the curtain being revealed on the Great Oz! To make it even more embarrassing the rebukes have become coming fast and fierce and have all been happening under the watchful eyes of the Media. Has Norquist lost his stranglehold over the power? Will the pledge finally be done away with? Stay tuned.. Continue reading

What Cliff?

By Alberto Pupo

As the Nation continues to salivate over Petraeus and his sexual escapades, there is another problem brewing, which has been hyped during all of election year. The can that has been proverbially kicked down the road leading up to another showdown. Like Lemmings, America is being led to horrifying “Fiscal Cliff”. On we hit that point time as we know it will stop and the Antichrist will appear to take us all away thus kicking off the Book of Revelations in style! The fiscal cliff hags been beaten into our heads by the corporate media who realizes that is is a neat little tag line that sales advertising. The truth of the matter is that the whole “fiscal cliff” issue is a non- issue. This doomsday scenario is nothing more than another invention of the ultra wealthy and powerful so that they can continue to pay barely any taxes and so that the privatization Social Security and Medicare get under way. Continue reading