Fascism Triumphant: A Koch Brothers Special

By Alberto Pupo

In a crescendo of darkness the ominous clouds roll in and the horror show begins. Scott Walker,a man under criminal investigation, a man who has shown to be nothing more than a Koch Brothers Puppet has proven one thing… Fascism Owns all of us! In what was to be the most important election in American history, a moment that was the result of the people speaking up, of grassroots protests and mobilizing the likes we have never seen… the Movement that inspired the Occupy Wall St Protests! Before the results they looked desperate the Koch Brothers were on their heels it looked like America could finally break free! And then in the blink of an eye a disaster of epic proportions, what the hell happened? What has caused a man with no popular support to suddenly get over 50% in votes! A place where over millions had repudiated him triggering a recall in the first place! Where do we point the finger? Where is the communication breakdown? The logical reasoning we demand to see the scientific proof? Have we all awoken to to find ourselves whisked into some Bizarro Twilight Zone? Is this a fabrication or a nightmare?

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