Before You Vote Consider This

By Alberto Pupo

Scandals continue to grow for Hillary. Bernie is catching up waiting in the wings. What was to be a 2016 coronation party, may simply turn into 2008 redux. It is still early but it seems like people are beginning to see that Hillary may not be the right choice in 2016. One thing though that makes many develop a soft spot for Hillary is the quiet desperation among maxresdefaultwomen to finally have America breakthrough the glass ceiling at the highest political office. However while this is what many females want is voting based on gender or platform a smart thing? The following new blog post below (courtesy of new blog Mom No Filter) shows a female perspective on a Hillary candidacy and quite frankly the way a true progressive woman should approach voting. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders is The Real Deal!

By Alberto Pupo

Bernie Sanders is the real deal in 2016. Unlike every other candidate who is running in 2016 Bernie is not merely offering empty rhetoric only to sell out to billionaire donors, but instead Bernie Sanders has always been true to convictions and has been politically consistent as a public servant for 30 years Because Bernie Sanders is the real deal he is now drawing the attention of the others in the presidential race (and their supporters)m who are trying to desperately bring up several narratives as to why Bernie cannot legitimately win the White House in 2016. Let us now explore the false narratives that bernieBernie is facing.


Nobody knows who Bernie Sanders is – This preposterous charge is laughable at best. Bernie Sander has been a mayor, House Representative, and Senator. The man has over 30 years of political experience in fact more political experience than all of his challengers. Bernie while campaigning around the Continue reading

Rubio the Policy Wonk?

By Alberto Pupo

Policy wonk! Apparently certain sources are claiming that Marco Rubio is embracing policy as a way to the presidency? This is new strategy is all happening because Sugar Daddy Jim Demint has grown weary of the “rising star”.73-2



The truth of the matter is Rubio is devoid of original ideas and is a lousy statement.


Rubio’s one moment to shine Continue reading