Steal this Election 2012 Edition?


By Alberto Pupo

A weak presidential candidate stumbling towards the finish. A rich boy out of touch and stumbling into gaffe after gaffe. If one closes their eyes it is almost the year 2000 all over again. A Romney defeat is all but certain outcome. However there is one final ace that can be pulled. A little bit of Supreme Court induced magic which can help crown Romney the same way it crowned King George in 2000. The Supreme Court after is nothing more than a Corporate shill giving Romney their seal of approval will be a great boon, not to mention with a potential shifting of the guard a Romney victory will ensure that the Randian crowd continues to get more Chicago School Justices on the Great Bench. The states are already beginning to pave the way with tactics to suppress the vote, and magical purges to weed out the alleged fraud. Is there a Deus Ex Machina waiting in the wings for Romney? Continue reading