Disregard for Civil Liberties= Rand Paul Presidency?

By Alberto Pupo

Blowback! Actions being taken that create unintended consequences. The current trend has been to wantonly disregard Civil Liberties on all fronts. The Obama Administration has followed in the steps of the Bush Administration by embracing the world of cloak and dagger, NSA spying, Drones, The Patriot Act. By taking this course and embracing the National Security state the Obama Administration finds itself at odds with anyone who firmly believes in the idea of preserving civil liberties. That being said the Administration which happens to be a Democrat Administration in taking the actions it is taking is actually paving the path for something which would seem incredible but can happen., A Rand Paul Presidency. Continue reading

The Grand Deregulation of the Corporation


By Alberto Pupo

Regulation, This is a part of life and we the people must accept it. Society runs on rules and regulation which dictate the behavior of what a citizen can and should do in a well organized, fair and civilized society. We the people are taught that in order to avoid, arrest , reprisal, fines etc. we are to follow the rules and regulations and obey, Naturally rules and regulations only apply to the average American. Corporations on the other hand need not follow the same rules and regulation. In fact corporations are said to be “over regulated”. More often than not the terms “red tape “ and bureaucracy” are bandied about in wild abandon when one speaks of regulations applying to corporations. It seems in American regulation Continue reading

Fooled Again: An American Tale!



By Alberto Pupo

We the people have been fooled. The average American has been snookered, bamboozled, etc. The average American has become complacent with the way American society has turned out. Time and time again we are fooled by Public officials, Corporate Bosses, Lying Clergy and pf course The Corporate Media who spins the daily sound bite. A Nation which was created from Revolution finds itself in stagnation. A Nation which has a proud heritage of independence and finds itself dulled and sheep like in behavior. We the people have fallen and been lulled to sleep. The citizenry is ill informed and pop culture obsessed. The American dream has become the vehicle of a chosen few, who fancy themselves to be the elite of the elite; while the rest of us live in a culture where the modus operandi of the day is it is what is? What has made us so complacent? Where is the spirit and fire of our ancestors? Can we ever regain that fire and collective passion or has it died a violent death at the hands of sheer laziness. Continue reading

War and Greed = American Culture

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By Alberto Pupo

Human life is worthless. This is the message that has been coming out of Washing ton this week. The Department of Justice in its attempt to justify death has created a legal frame work rationalizing the taking of human life. It seems that our Nation has embraced a militaristic culture where human life is not celebrated or preserved but deemed unworthy of such status. The United States is a Nation that instead of focusing on important things like helping provide a safety net to the people, or making sure we have an educated and civilized society, is much too busy and would rather draft up legal arguments justifying killing and torture. This sort of disregard for human life is one of Continue reading

Over and Over Again

By Alberto Pupo

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana

History is not the strongest subject of most Americans. In fact other than mathematics you will not hear more complains than the when it comes to the study of history. More often than not many believe it to be a simple tedious exercise dealing with memorizing of facts about dead people who have gone into oblivion. Yet history is what helps in our personal evolution towards a more civilized society. Any society which rejects the past continues to make this mistake. America for some reason is particularly lacking in historical understanding.

History is said to be cyclical, or have a pattern of some sort. Events that happen in the past play themselves out over and over again simply with different actors each time.  For Continue reading

Our Bugs Are Bugged: The Most Interesting Mosquito in The World

Incredible Technology and the U.S. Government Funding the Creation of MAV Insects

By: Leane Pupo

Bugged Bug?

My Nerd Brain is tingling. I was causally surfing the net and stumbled upon a mosquito. I looked at the photo because as much as I hate mosquitoes and the welts they leave on my, apparently, delicious flesh, they do look pretty cool. However, I immediately noticed this mosquito was very different. This mosquito was a robot.

Apparently, this is not new news, but it does not seem to have had a very large effect. I would think that people would be more curious about tiny tech. While micro, nano, or just plain small, technology of this kind is amazing. It is incredible to think that there are scientists out there studying how bugs fly and how to make computer chips and full-functioning robots fit on a penny. And while my science geek mind is incredibly aroused, the rest of me begins to tremble at the possible implications. Continue reading